Six different types of Hoppers
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You're the perfect kind of Hopper!

And equally as important, we know you're a generous Hopper! So take a moment to support all the Hoppers you love, from the littlest ones on the Big Toy to the 43-year veteran educator to the seniors sending out their college applications to the alums helping to change the world.
My family has been a part of the GDS community for so long, our blood runs green.
I bring new enegry to a dynamic community, and I look forward to another year as a Hopper.
So grateful to my fellow Hoppers who helped me get through 2019. Here's to a better 2020!
My family, friends, the GDS community helped make 2019 great. I love you!
I love my kids, and I love the GDS teachers who take care of them every single day because I. cannot. handle. this.
You can't put me into a Hopper box. I'm 100% me, and that's why I love GDS.

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