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Georgetown Day School is excited to introduce our new name for annual giving—the Hopper Fund!

The Hopper Fund embodies the originality and unique personality of GDS and our mission. At GDS, every day we can see our mission in action. 

What is the Hopper Fund and why should I donate?
The Hopper Fund supports the GDS experience for every student through the School’s operating budget. Our mission comes to life through our recruitment and retention of excellent teachers, continual assessment and refinement of our innovative academic program, growing financial aid, and our unique GDS culture. 
Who donates to the Hopper Fund?
All of us! More than 2,000 parents, alumni, legacy families, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends give each year.
Why is my participation important?
Key to the GDS mission is that we honor the integrity and worth of each individual. That ethos extends to how we each contribute to the financial health of our shared community. Participation from all segments of our community sends a powerful message of confidence in GDS—that so many believe in its faculty, programs, community, and mission. 
How much of a difference will my gift make?
Gifts range from our youngest alumni giving $20.19 to our 1945 Society leadership donors starting at $2,500 and above. When our giving is combined, it can do great things. Every gift matters.