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How can you support the GDS family? With a gift to The Hopper Fund!

Your gift to The Hopper Fund supports our GDS community in so many ways. Unrestricted support gives the School the flexibility to be nimble and proactive to meet the needs of our students and community and is especially important in this most unpredictable moment. 

Your gift to The Hopper Fund supports academic excellence, some of the lowest student/teacher ratios among our peer schools, and our dynamic 21st century curriculum. A GDS education engages our students with real-world problems, places them at the center of their learning, teaches them to collaborate across difference, challenges them to think critically and creatively, and prepares them to be active citizens of the world. Your Hopper Fund gift helps make that possible.

Your gift to The Hopper Fund supports our deep commitment to social justice. As we embark on our 75th year, this commitment is both grounded in our historic founding as the first integrated school in Washington, D.C. and forward-thinking as we work towards becoming a more equitable, just, and anti-racist institution. GDS continues to be a leader in this space, and your Hopper Fund gift provides critical support to our Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as they engage with students across divisions, as well as with our parent and alumni communities. 

Your gift to The Hopper Fund supports the technological investments necessary for our GDS Virtual Campus and HyFlex as well as facilities upgrades that are critical to safely resume in-person learning, including hand-washing stations, upgraded ventilation systems, and increased cleaning services.

Your gift to The Hopper Fund supports financial aid and our goal to support 25% of our student body, especially as we anticipate additional needs due to the ongoing economic impacts of COVID-19.

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Ashley Doherty

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Lindsey Jacobson

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