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One Campus. One Mission. One GDS.

The One Campus. One Mission. One GDS. campaign is the most ambitious fundraising effort in our School’s history, with a $50M goal. With more than 2,055 donors joining this historic effort, the GDS community came together to raise an extraordinary $52,003,195 in support of a unified campus, enhancing access to our School through increased financial aid and the Hopper Fund.

When we open our unified campus in fall 2020, it will mark the first time our entire school, pre-K–12, will share one address. Beyond the physical benefits of our unified campus, there will be countless opportunities for cross-divisional activities and events, mentorship, and more meaningful engagement for our faculty and students across divisions. Imagine pre-K/senior buddies having lunch once a month, school-wide Students of Color Meetings, High School theater students mentoring their Middle School colleagues. The opportunities are endless. A primary driver in our decision to unify our campuses was to better fulfill our mission and make GDS more accessible to a wider range of students. For these reasons, support for financial aid was a key pillar of the One GDS campaign. Another priority of the One GDS campaign was not only to maintain the Hopper Fund’s yearly operating support but to increase it. With the incredible support of our community, we were able to exceed our goal by more than $2,000,000 and have done just that.

Each and every gift to the One GDS campaign brought us closer to our goal of making GDS more accessible for generations of students and bringing our community together in a transformational way. We look forward to recognizing every donor to the One GDS campaign, in alphabetical order, on a donor wall in our new Lower/Middle School building. This installation, prominently located on the way into the building, will be a daily reminder of the philanthropic spirit of our community and a visual representation of how many members of our community came together to bring the One Campus. One Mission. One GDS. vision to life.

If you have questions about the One GDS campaign or your pledge, please contact Lindsey Jacobson, interim director of development, at 202-295-1061 or ljacobson@gds.org.

Why One GDS

Campaign Video

A Look into the New LMS

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  1. Unified School - Bringing our GDS home, for the first time ever as a PK-12, onto one campus
  2. Financial Aid - Providing financial assistance to a quarter of the student body
  3. Hopper Fund - Supporting programs and operations through annual giving


A Unified School…

  • Advances our academic program
  • Strengthens our community
  • Enhances efficiencies

Expanded Financial Aid…

  • Expands access to a GDS education
  • Enriches student interaction and experience
  • Keeps GDS true to its mission

Enhanced Hopper Fund…

  • Supports faculty and staff salaries and professional development
  • Enriches curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Sustains academic, health, and wellness support

Project Scope

New Lower/Middle School Features

  • A building that is 50% larger than our existing building, with 50% more programmable space.
  • A separate PK and K wing, collaborative learning commons spaces, a technology commons, and indoor and outdoor learning spaces.
  • Grade clusters with rooms for breakout instruction, cooperative learning, and differentiated instruction.
  • Enhanced athletic facilities, including a field and double gym, flexible performing arts space, and library.
  • Full dining available to all grade 1-8 students, and “grab and go” for High School students.

Improvements to the High School

  • Administrative offices will move to the new Lower/Middle School, freeing up space for programming.

Volunteer Leadership