Equity & Justice Programs at GDS

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  • Beyond GDS

    In addition to in-house diversity programs, we encourage students and faculty to be a part of other diversity workshops, trainings, and conferences in the DC Metro area and nationwide.
  • Board Diversity Committee

    Board members, parents, and administrators serve on this committee, which provides advice and counsel on issues of equity and the implementation of the strategic-plan goals.
  • Diversity Connections

    High School student clubs promote equity and justice and encourage conversations on topics related to diversity. Organizations include: Rainbow, a gay/straight alliance; Black Culture Club; SIS, Sisters in Spirit; and others.
  • Faculty SEED Group

    The Faculty and Staff SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Group at GDS holds monthly seminars to help participants explore their journey in diversity, equity, and inclusion work. As stated by the National SEED Project, “SEED work invites the engagement of ideas, experiences, and identity. Participants develop ways of understanding complex relations between self and systems with regard to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability/disability, and other lived cultural experiences. Everyone who takes part in SEED becomes engaged in diversity work in both familiar and unfamiliar ways.”
  • Future of Diversity Symposium

    This year, GDS brings to reality its vision, serving as designer and host for the Future of Diversity Symposium, whose purpose it is to determine how to robustly position diversity and equity as foundational touchstones and luminous beacons for independent schools. Participants in the Future of Diversity Symposium include more than 40 teams consisting of Heads of School, Trustees, and Diversity Practitioners. These teams will collaborate to create directional road maps, nourish a robust professional network and continuously refresh a marketplace of ideas and best practice to further elevate diversity and equity in our schools.
  • GDS Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    A Council with administrative, faculty, and staff representation will convene several times within the year to thoughtfully engage in conversations about the school’s primary points of focus as related to the work of the Office of Diversity and Equity and the community’s needs. Members of the Council will share their voices and ideas, providing support and leadership in the shaping of the various directions taken in this work
  • Parent Gay Straight Alliance (PGSA)

    The PGSA is a group of parents, teachers, and staff, gay and straight, working together to support the well-being of LGBT individuals, their families, and the GDS community through sponsored discussion and educational resources.
  • Parents of Students of Color (POSOC)

    POSOC is a networking group that meets regularly throughout the year to support families with students of color. POSOC also sponsors an event at the beginning of each school year for the entire GDS community.
  • Students of Color Mentoring Program

    This after-school program is open to all students in grades 5–8 and is facilitated by Middle School teachers, the Director of Diversity and Equity, and students from our High School. The program provides opportunities for cultural field trips, critical thinking exercises, and the building of positive relationships through dialogue and play.
  • Diversity at GDS
    Please download this brochure to read more about diversity programs at GDS.

Reflecting Core Values

Five GDS educational and artistic programs that represent our core values:
  • Thanksgiving/Harvest = Gratitude
  • Christmas = Peace
  • Martin Luther King Jr. = Equity/Equality
  • Passover/Seder = Freedom
  • Free-To-Be-Me/Gay Pride = Respect


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