Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Georgetown Day School’s Office of Diversity is charged with ensuring that diversity, as a foundational philosophy, is integrated throughout the community and the curriculum. When Georgetown Day School opened its doors in 1945, it did so as the first integrated school, public or private, in a segregated city. The parents who founded GDS believed that an integrated school would provide their children with a better and broader

Today, Georgetown Day School has evolved from its historic beginning as a color-blind institution to one that recognizes, understands, and celebrates the differences that make each of us unique while continuing to foster the universal values that we share. Our commitment to diversity remains a bedrock philosophy of GDS, fostering
the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of our students' lives. Through day-to-day activities, curriculum, and school-wide celebrations, GDS encourages respect for the variety of beliefs and backgrounds reflected in our diverse community of students, teachers, and parents.

The Office works closely with the principals and faculty to support a wide-range of learners and develop a keener sense of what each child needs to flourish. Affinity groups provide support for GLBT staff and students, young people of color, multiracial students, as well as various religious and ethnic groups. The Office also provides opportunities for students to be engaged in active social justice work.

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  • Why is Diversity Important?

    Numerous studies have demonstrated that the diversity of a school directly contributes to the quality of its students’ education.
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  • So What Do We Do?

    The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is charged with ensuring that diversity, social justice, and inclusivity, as foundational philosophies, are integrated throughout the community and curriculum at GDS.
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  • GDS's Statement of Inclusion

    Georgetown Day School is devoted to continuously building an inclusive community open to a multitude of perspectives.
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Diversity Office Team

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  • Photo of Marlo Thomas

    Marlo Thomas 

    Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Photo of Campbell Keyser

    Campbell Keyser 

    Program Assistant for DEI and Social-Emotional Learning

The Office

  • Offers education and support for parents, students, board of trustees, and staff
  • Consults with administration and staff on how best to serve a diverse population
  • Works with faculty on developing multicultural curriculum that represents the diversity of our community and beyond
  • Conducts educational programs throughout the year that focus on core values

The Scope of Diversity - The Big 8

  1. Age
  2. Ability
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Gender
  5. Race
  6. Religion/Spirituality
  7. Sexual Orientation
  8. Socio-economic status/class

National Recognition

GDS is a proud recipient of the National Association of Independent Schools Leading Edge Award for Equity and Justice. The Leading Edge Award recognizes schools that have done exemplary work in creating and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and supportive school environment.

GDS is also a member of the Ashoka Changemaker Schools Network, a national community of schools that teach children at their school communities to be changemakers: empathic leaders, capable of working in teams to solve shared problems.


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Georgetown Day School is a coed, preK-12, non-sectarian private school in Washington, DC with small class sizes and a diverse school community. Our comprehensive, innovative curriculum includes hands-on learning, honors and AP classes, as well as advanced-level math and STEM courses. An education is not just college prep and SAT scores. GDS teachers focus on providing the best education for each child, from elementary grades through high school. The school performing arts program includes theater, dance, and music. The athletics program offers competitive sports for student athletes, including cross-country, track, soccer, lacrosse, and crew/rowing. With our strong commitment to financial aid, an independent school tuition is affordable.