GDS is closed for spring break.


GDS is closed for spring break.

Georgetown Day School is closed from noon on Friday, March 22 through Tuesday, April 2. All school offices are closed, including Admissions and College Counseling. Any voice or email messages will be returned on April 3. 

During spring break, March 25–29, the Lower/Middle School will host a break camp. To register, visit www.GDS.org/BreakCamp.

High School Spring Musical

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  • Floyd Collins, The Musical

    by Adam Guettel and Tina Landau

    Based on the true story of Floyd Collins, a farmer trapped in a narrow shaft 60 feet underground in 1925 Kentucky, and the media blitz that exploded around his failed rescue.  Hungry reporters from as far away as California exploit the story in newspapers and on radio. On Sunday #1 estimates put visitors to the site at between 15 and 20,000. Hawkers set up a circus of food and curios.  Congress recesses to hear updates. Irony aside, it’s Floyd’s big chance for fame and the possibility of a cave that will bring tourists from all over the country. As he descends lower and lower into the earth, the rhythms of the musical pulse with American bravura, with optimism, with that get up and go Democracy, that Dream.  

    Guettel (Light in the Piazza) sang with the Met Opera as a child.  His grandfather is Richard Rodgers (as in R. and Hammerstein), his mother Mary composed musicals; his friend, Sondheim mentored him.  Songs here range from Hillbilly (without patronization) to Bernstein-like classicism. Instrumentation includes strings, banjo and harmonica.  Collins earned Guettel the ’96 Lortel for Best Musical and the Obie for Best Music.  Tina Landau, most recently of Spongebob fame, is the creative genius behind telling unexpected stories, minimalist staging, and new ways of directing.

    John Guare, playwright:  “Floyd Collins is a work unto itself that trusts its dreams, trusts its music, trusts it audience, trusts you, to follow it deeper and deeper into its dark territory there below the earth.  Guettel and Landau have dramatized the paradox of what it’s like to live in the most bountiful country in the world and at the same time be on the edge of an abyss that separates you from ever getting there. Guettel’s music gives voice to the voiceless… the starved American faces trapped in the dust bowls, of the ghetto, or any part of America where you can’t get out.”

    Appropriate for 6th graders and older.

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  • Floyd Collins Cast

    The Family
    Floyd: Alex Carnot ‘19
    Homer: Cole Wright-Schaner ‘19
    Nellie: Shira Minsk ‘19
    Miss Jane: Gigi Silla ‘20
    Lee: Eli Kaplan ‘18

    The Locals
    Doyle: Nathan Greiner ‘18
    Bishop: Nico Von Friedeberg ‘18
    Jewell: Maggie Hacker ‘21
    Jordan: Andrew White ‘18

    The Reporters
    Miller: Alex Hewlett ‘18
    Corps: Maddie Brown ‘19, Caleigh Vergeer ‘21, Jamie Hedlund ‘19, Nathan Greiner ‘18, Sophie Warshauer ’19, Asha Yates ‘18

    The Outsiders
    Engineer Carmichael: Brion Whyte ‘19
    Film Maker Roney: Jamie Hedlund ‘19
    Dr. Hazlett: Andrew White ‘18

    The Corps
    Berret Yuffee ‘20
    Asha Yates ‘18
    Andrew White ‘18
    Jamie Hedlund ‘19
    Lucy Vogt ‘20
    Maddie Brown ‘19
    Sophie Warshauer ‘19
    Caleigh Vergeer ‘21

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  • Floyd Collins Admins, Designers & Heads

    Stage Managers: Esme Levitch ‘18 & Nick Moen ‘19
    Producers: Ben Kapit ‘19 & Will Foster ‘19
    Publishers: Gigi Silla ’20 & Caroline Katzive ‘19
    Set Designers: Asha Klass ‘18, Izzy Verdery ‘18 & Susannah Epstein-Boley ‘18
    Sets Crew Heads: John Modelfino ‘19 & Avi Faber ‘19
    Lights Designers: Avery Adomaitis ‘18 & Lola Phillips ‘18
    Lights Crew Heads: Eamon Abrahmson ‘19 & Emma Kay ‘19
    Costume Designer: Claire Lewis ‘18
    Costumes Crew Heads: Caroline Katzive ‘19 & Abby Brickman ‘20
    Makeup Designer: Zoe Welsh ’18 & Asha Yates ‘18
    Sound Designer: Ben Steinwurtzel ‘18
    Sound Crew Head: Izzy Adler ‘19
    Fx Designers: Ben Steinwurtzel ‘18 & Avery Adomaitis ‘18
    Props Designer: Corina Capuano ‘19
    Photographer: Ben Kapit ‘19
    Poster: Benjamin Burnett '18, Susannah Epstein-Boley ‘18 & Lola Phillips ‘18
    Snapchat Filter: Gari Puckrein '20
    Advertising Manager: Cole Wright-Schaner '19
    Box Office Manager: Noah Abramson '21

Past Seasons

  • Into the Woods; photos by Molly Yeselson ’16
    Spring 2015: Into the Woods

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  • Peter shows the Darling children how it's done. Flying by Foy came to the High School to teach the cast how to fly
    Spring 2013: Peter Pan

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  • Scenes from <i>Urinetown</i>, which opened April 15 and runs April 21, 28. 29, and 30. Photos courtesy of parent Jim Duncan.
    Spring 2011: Urinetown

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