Hidden Faculty Lounge

Incredible student imaginations take on One GDS during Middle School Community Production
When Georgetown Day School unites on one campus in a mere 17 months (!), the new Lower/Middle School building will be built around a large cavern in the basement—a no-students-allowed area, complete with a warning for all: Mr. Groul might snatch you if you get too close. (Spoiler: “Mr. Groul” is actually just a threat concocted to keep students away from a rockin’ faculty lounge that includes a ping pong table and an X-Box).

The library will be built with a special machine that provides you with any book you request; but the members of Librarians to Power Association (LPTA) might just throw a wrench in the machine—literally—in order to protect the good work of “real” librarians. (See photo 1/10.)

The cows living on the farm next to the new school will revolt, providing bad milk to students until they clean up their acts and stop relying on trash robots to clean everything up. (See photo 2/10.)

And, in an effort to be more progressive with grading, tests will be paperless. Teachers will opt instead for the research-based, proven assessment of Student Ninja Warrior, an agility competition with a threatening outcome. (See photos 3/10 and 4/10.) 

These and other visions of the near future for GDS were presented courtesy of this year’s Middle School Community Production, which continued the tradition of being student-written, acted, directed, and lighted. With the theme, “Get Schooled,” the skits dove into what Middle Schoolers think might happen when we become One GDS.

“We chose to have the kids write about the new building because we wanted to hear their perspective on this big change, but we were worried that if we postponed it to next year, they'd already know a lot about the new building and their imagination would be more limited by reality,” said one of the faculty advisors, Julia Blount, who was joined in advising by Erika Carlson and Middle School assistant principal Mayra Diaz.

During some skits, the students’ ideas seemed to go beyond their imaginations and into the theater of the real: school staff were heard saying, “How do they know these things?!?”

We’ll see if their visions become reality in what will be a short year-and-a-half. In the meantime, faculty have a lot of work to do to come up with a different reason to keep students afraid of going near our rockin’ teachers’ lounge…


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