Matt Jackson ’10, Jeopardy! “Clue Slayer”

Our GDS alum is crushing it once again in the Jeopardy! All-Star Games.
Matt Jackson ’10 returned to Jeopardy! this week, drafted for The All-Star Games by Ken Jennings, record-holder of the longest winning streak in Jeopardy! history. Matt himself holds the fourth-longest winning streak.

And what a start it has been for #TeamKen! Thus far described as the “runaway” leaders, Team Ken has now begun to use some of their strategy session time to hatch ways to troll the other teams. Now at $40,003 (thanks to teammate Monica Thieu’s $2,503 Final Jeopardy wager), they are towering over Team Austin ($8,000) and Team Julia ($0).

Yet, the team’s dominance is no accident: Matt himself prepared for the competition using...well, quite a heap of flashcards. 364,878 to be exact! That’s enough clues for 22 years and 5,067 Jeopardy! shows.

On his Facebook Jeopardy! fan page, the ever-humble Matt wrote, “Well, my first game is in the books, and thanks in large part to the clutch work of Ken Jennings and Monica, we are far out ahead of Team Austin and Team Julia going into game 2. BUT REMEMBER: THIS IS A TWO-GAME, TOTAL POINT AFFAIR! We will be back tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 27, for GAME TWO of our matchup.”

Matt’s performance had fans raving, “You’re the Clue Slayer!!!” and “He’s basically the Jeopardy! T-1000 sent from the future.”

Reddit user JaysJep2 provided a recap of Tuesday’s show: “Matt left no doubt who was the best player of this threesome, hitting both Daily Doubles and completely dominating the action.”

We hope our GDS community will continue to rally behind Matt’s Jeopardy! success and tune in to support Team Ken.


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