Circuits in Second

A 2nd grade “Creation Station” gets a boost of electricity
Most mornings in Mandy and Todd’s 2nd grade classroom, students have the chance to earn some exploration time in Creation Station, a classroom center with various building materials. Typically, their construction time is self-directed and driven by unbridled 2nd grade creativity: a recycled pizza box hovercraft or a mythical creature with egg carton tentacles. In partnership with computer science and innovation teacher Elvin Peprah, students now have the chance to take their creations to the next level while developing some specific maker skills geared toward circuits and electricity.

Elvin explained, “Kids tend to pick up how things function in the world around them quickly on a macro level. However, they don't always know what goes into creating the things they use every day.” And so Elvin brought insulated wires, wire strippers, and classroom-ready heat guns into the 2nd grade and worked with students to get them comfortable with the new additions.

“Today we made a wire bracelet to help us learn to make circuits later,” said Coco ’29. “We used a tool to cut wires to see the metal underneath and learned to twist the ends together. We added a sleeve to protect the wire. When we heated the sleeve, it shrunk so it wouldn't slide off.”

“These activities give students a chance to learn about electricity in a practical way that opens up their curiosity about the electronics in their lives. By learning and nurturing these skills our students can expand their Creation Station projects to include lights, sounds and movement in the future," said Elvin.

The future is bright... and perhaps noisy, but we know this kind of active learning will equip students to tackle complex problems in the world around them.


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