Quizbowl Road Trip Brings Home More Than a Trophy

A GDS parent reflects on the eye-opening experience of traveling with Quizbowl.
Last weekend, four GDS students traveled to Downingtown, PA for a Quizbowl tournament. The road trip revealed not only the caliber but also the character of GDS students.

Matthew Siff ’20, Nathaniel Rosenberg ’20, Alex Moon ’20, and Arthur Delot-Vilain ’21 put on a great show and brought home the champion’s trophy for GDS. Kinney Zalesne, parent of Matthew, accompanied the group. “It was a huge pleasure to watch the boys bring home first place for GDS,” she said. “They worked really hard all day (having gotten up at 6:00 a.m. to go running first), and you could see their energy and rhythm expanding and growing from the first match to the eleventh.”

And yet, Kinney’s impressions also spoke to the broader work of GDS and the character of its students. She said, “Those boys (three of whom I had never met before) are kind, smart, polite, and interesting. They supported one another throughout the tense competition, and they were unfailingly gracious to their opponents, as well as to me and Matthew's little brother Gideon for many hours in the car. Just superb ambassadors of the school.”

Kinney returned feeling inspired. “Watching the tournament (which was also a first for me) gave me a little boost of hope for our whole country. On a random winter Saturday, 100 kids from mostly small-town Pennsylvania drove an hour or more to strive and compete on knowledge! Even the ones who barely answered any questions were stretching their brains. It was such an inspiring, reassuring snapshot of America.”

The community our teachers and school leaders work tirelessly to nurture turns out some pretty fantastic kids. Time and again, we hear from parents and alumni—whose own many successes astound—that the meaningful relationships with teachers and among classmates have made the difference in the kinds of adults our GDS students become.

“Thanks for all that you do,” Kinney said, “to develop such terrific kids and opportunities for them to grow.”

Staff writer Danny Stock tells the stories of teaching, learning, competing, creating, and performing at Georgetown Day School. He is a former GDS second grade teacher and current parent.


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