Georgetown Day School Announces Endowment of the David Mode ’87 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Georgetown Day School today announced that the family and friends of David Mode, class of 1987, have endowed a scholarship fund in his honor at GDS.
Many in the GDS community knew and loved David. He had a deep commitment to GDS, not only for the educational opportunities it gave him and the bonds of friendship he forged there, but because the school brought him together with his wife and soulmate Liz Pitofsky ’87, whom the school welcomed as a transfer student with a warmth that still resonates. Many of the traits that made David so special and so beloved as an adult were evident from his earliest days at GDS and nurtured during his years there: his boundless curiosity, his deep engagement with the world, his irreverent sense of humor, his fierce intellect, his cheerful contrary streak, his passion for problem solving and facing down a challenge, his love of a good argument, and his abiding humanity, loyalty, and kindness.

After David's death last year, his friends—and friends of his sister Becky Mode, class of 1982—made memorial donations to a charitable fund, but the purpose had not yet been determined. Liz, Becky, and David’s parents decided that helping those in need of financial assistance to attend GDS would be an ideal way to honor his memory, and they created the David Mode Scholarship Fund. Anyone interested in adding to the fund in any amount may do so by:Thank you to those who have contributed to the David Mode Endowment Fund:
  • Caleb Kramer '87
  • Mr. William Bice
  • Mr. Francisco Casal
  • Mr. Gregory Joseph
  • Mr. David Goldberg
  • Ms. Jennifer Germain
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wager
  • Lisa Donahue and John Patton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cohen
  • Mr. David Shipper
  • Mr. Dennis Flannery
  • Suzanne Seiden and Kevin Thurm
  • Lynn Bregman and Barry Malter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip Zeidman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Sheinkman
  • Mr. William Cohan
  • Ms. Elinor Heller
  • Elizabeth Pitofsky '87
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stern
  • Mr. Simon Freakley
  • Ms. Donna Davis
  • Nancy Chasen and Don Spero
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Saferstein
  • Louise and David Wechsler
  • Sally and Robert Pitofsky


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