Meet Our Teachers

As a school that from its founding has valued the worth and integrity of each individual, GDS is especially proud of our faculty and staff's commitment to teaching and working in a diverse, multicultural setting.
  • Photo of Jessica Ahn
    Jessica Ahn
    LS Homeroom Teacher
    Jessica started at GDS in 2015 after teaching 5th and 3rd grade in Virginia and Maryland. She has her bachelor's degree in elementary education from Towson University.
  • Photo of Jason Aigen
    Jason Aigen
    High School Math Teacher
    A former consultant and statistician, Jason began working at GDS in 2017. Jason is a graduate of Colorado School of Mines, University of Miami, and SUNY Stone Brook with degrees in economics, operations research, and applied mathematics.
  • Photo of Yanira Aleman
    Yani Aleman
    High School History Teacher
    Yanira Aleman joins the High School history and social sciences department after teaching gender studies, conflict resolution, and social sciences at the University of Puerto Rico and Creighton University. She received her PhD in conflict analysis and resolution from Nova Southeastern University following a BA in psychology from the University of Puerto Rico and JD from Pontifical Catholic University. When not at GDS, you will likely find Yanira outdoors in nature or at a museum or theater with her husband.
  • Photo of Veronica Ampey
    Veronica Ampey
    High School Athletic Trainer
  • Photo of Bobby Asher
    Bobby Asher
    Director of Student Life and Wellness
  • Photo of Richard Avidon
    Richard Avidon
    High School History Teacher
    Richard came to GDS in 1988, after working as a carpenter. A consummate traveller, he has bicycled around Europe alone twice.
  • Photo of Joan Ayap
    Joan Ayap
    Lower School Dance Teacher
    Joan joined the Lower/Middle School in 2017 from the Dance Conservatory—where she continues on the faculty—and Dana Tai soon Burgess Dance Company—where she is an active performing artist. She received her BS in interior design from Assumption College San Lorenzo in Manila, Philippines. Her mission and vision as an educator have found a home with the GDS community. When not at GDS, Joan can be found teaching or rehearsing with Dana Tai soon Burgess Dance Company.
  • Photo of Matthew Bachiochi
    Matthew Bachiochi
    Computer Science Teacher and Maker-In-Residence
    Matthew Bachiochi joins the High School in 2018 after 17 years teaching technology and computer science at The Buckley School in New York City. He received a BC in computer science from James Madison University and an MA in childhood education from Hunter College. He enjoys cooking, hiking, and family time. Matthew is proud to have sung for the pope when he visited New York City in 2008.
  • Photo of Jorge Baez-Mora
    Jorge Baez-Mora
    Lower/Middle School Spanish Teacher
    Jorge Baez-Mora, one of two new Spanish teachers in our Lower/Middle School, received an MA in teaching/learning Spanish language and culture at the Universidad de Granada, Spain following a BA in Spanish language and culture from the University of Maryland, College Park. When not at GDS, he enjoys playing soccer, spending time with his family, and teaching Spanish at a community college. Jorge loves the GDS mission and history and has a special affection for the school because it was the first school in which he taught Spanish.
  • Photo of Holly Balshem
    Holly Balshem
    Third Grade Math Teacher and Lower School Math Specialist
    Holly has worked at GDS since 1994, and came to DC from a teaching job in Spain. She has a BS in elementary education from DePaul University, and a master's degree in special education from Mount St. Mary.
  • Photo of John Barnes
    John Barnes
    Lower/Middle School Music Teacher, Sixth Grade Advisor
    John came to GDS in 2013, following nine years of teaching in Loudoun County Public Schools. John teaches music at the Lower and Middle Schools, and loves to sing, play the saxophone, run, spend time with his partner Tom and dog Maddie, and explore new restaurants. John earned his BS Music Education from Duquesne University, and MM in Saxophone Performance from the University of Florida. John loves working at a school where students and faculty are free to be their full selves as they seek to make the world a more just and moral place!
  • Photo of Khalid Bashir
    Khalid Bashir
    Eleventh Grade Dean; High School English Teacher
    Khalid started at GDS in 2016, after working for a boarding school in central Massachusetts. During his undergraduate career at Williams College, Khalid spent his free time broadcasting and providing color commentary for basketball, baseball, softball, and football games. He is an educator because he wants to ensure children have the opportunity to see a variety of faces and diverse approaches to education and critical thinking.
  • Photo of Anthony Belber
    Anthony Belber
    Third Grade Teacher and High School Track, Indoor Track, Cross-Country Coach
    Anthony joined the GDS team in 1997 and works across both campuses as a lower school teacher and a high school coach. He has a BA from Haverford College and previously taught at Beauvoir School.
  • Photo of Andrew Berman
    Andrew Berman
    First Grade Teacher
    Andrew began his professional career as a graphic artist, but soon realized that his true vocation was in the classroom. He earned his MA in elementary education at Trinity College, where he received the Coluzzi Award for Student Teacher of the Year. Andrew graduated with a BA in fine arts from Carnegie Mellon. He previously taught 1st grade at Takoma Park Elementary School.
  • Danielle Bernstein
    Second Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Margaret Blitzer
    Meg Blitzer
    High School Science Teacher
    Meg came to GDS from a boarding school where she worked for ten years as a science teacher, water polo and swim coach, and dorm parent. She graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia with a Master's in Conservation Biology. A world traveler, Meg has swum on six out of seven continents, and has been licked by a giraffe!
  • Photo of Julia Blount
    Julia Blount
    Middle School History Teacher
    Julia has taught at GDS since 2016, and previously taught at a charter school in Brooklyn. She is a graduate of Princeton University and a GDS alumna, and is grateful to give back to her community.
  • Photo of Christal Boyd
    Christal Boyd
    High School Technical Director and Drama Teacher
    Christal R. Boyd is a theatrical and event lighting designer who looks forward to conjuring up spectacles in the High School Black Box, as our new theater tech teacher. She received an MFA in lighting design and technical direction from the University of Arkansas following a BA in music and vocal performance from Wake Forest. Growing up, she was a competitive gymnast, and she now enjoys performing aerial silks. Christal is eager to pass on her love of technical theater to the next generation of leaders.
  • Photo of Marjorie Brimley
    Marjorie Brimley
    High School History Teacher
    Marjorie came to GDS in 2011, after teaching at DC public charter schools, American University, and at a school in Japan. She graduated with a BA from UCLA, a Master's from American University, and a doctorate from George Washington University. When she isn't at work, Marjorie can be found hanging out with her three kids or juggling bowling pins!
  • Photo of Judy Brown
    Judy Brown
    Fifth Grade Teacher
    Judy came to GDS in 2003 from The Owl School, another northwest DC day school. Judy is a graduate of Hampton University and an active member of the Xi Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
  • Photo of Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown
    High School Physical Education & Health Teacher, Department Chair
    Taylor began working at GDS in 2007, following a job as the assistant coach for a college lacrosse team. He earned his degree from Springfield College. A fly fisher, Taylor has landed a 1,000 lb fish.
  • Photo of Barbara Buonora
    Barbara Buonora
    Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher
    Barbara began teaching at GDS in 1992, after working at the National Child Research Center and the American University Child Development Center. She has also taught in Philidelphia and Corpus Christi. Barbara has a BS in early childhood education from Chestnut Hill College and an EdM (early childhood concentration) from Concordia University.
  • Photo of John Burghardt
    John Burghardt
    High School English Teacher
    John has spent his entire teaching career at GDS, after graduating with an MA from University of Michigan in 1975.
  • Photo of Ethan Burns
    Ethan Burns
    Middle School Science Teacher, Seventh Grade Advisor
    Ethan began teaching at GDS in 2017, returning to the states after teaching in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. During his undergrad at Sewanee: The University of the South, he studied geology and watershed sciences.
  • Photo of Rhona Campbell
    Rhona Campbell
    High School Librarian
    Rhona came to GDS in 2011 from the DC Public Library System, where she worked as a children's librarian. She continues to write book reviews for the School Library Journal. Rhona has a BM from Oberlin College University in percussion performance and musicology and an MLS from the University of Maryland College Park.
  • Photo of Erika Carlson
    Erika Carlson
    Middle School Latin Teacher, High School History Teacher
    Erika is a writer of historical fiction and plays, inventor of desserts, former professor of mythology, and a local activist. Since 2010, she has also been a Latin teacher at GDS. Erika graduated from Bryn Mawr in 2008, with a degree in classics, and a Master's in Latin and Greek from the University of Maryland, College Park. She works at GDS because it's one of the few places where one can take a progressive approach to teaching Latin.
  • Ricardo Carmona
    High School History Teacher
  • Photo of Theodore Carter
    Todd Carter
    Second Grade Teacher
    Todd joined GDS in 2006, coming from Beauvoir, where he taught 2nd and 3rd grade. Before teaching, he was a reporter for a small news service, and he has written a book for adults called The Life Story of a Chilean Sea Blob. He is also a street artist and took part in DC's Art All Night in 2017. Todd has a BA in political science and an MA in writing from Johns Hopkins University.
  • Meredith Chase-Mitchell
  • Photo of Johanne Chévere
    Johanne Chévere
    Lower/Middle School Spanish Teacher
    In 2002, Johanne came to GDS from the Dominican Republic, where she developed curriculum and trained teachers. Johanne earned her master's degree in education (curriculum and instruction) from Columbia International University. She spends her free time with her husband and daughter and enjoys cultivating orchids.
  • Photo of Yi-Na Chung
    Yi-Na Chung
    Lower/Middle School World Languages Teacher (Chinese)
    Yi-Na began her journey at GDS in 2014, after teaching English and Chinese in Taiwan, Cambodia, and America. Yi-Na is a proud graduate of Clemson University, where she earned an MEd in Teaching and Learning, with a minor in ESOL. Yi-Na also has a BA in Interdisplinary Social Science from the University of West Florida and a BA in Applied Foreign Language from the National Quemoy University in Taiwan. At GDS, she loves being with students who also love learning new languages.
  • Photo of Clifton Coates
    Clifton Coates
    High School History Teacher
    Clifton Coates is thrilled to be joining the High School History Department. He received his BS in history with minors in political science and philosophy from Bowie State University and then taught social studies and history for 18 years in public and private schools in the DMV area. When not at GDS, he enjoys spending time with his family and reading. Fun fact: He reads 2-3 books every week. Clifton was drawn to GDS because of the way its mission resonates with his personal and professional philosophy of education.
  • Photo of Cori Coats
    Cori Coats
    High School Science Department Chair
    Cori came to GDS in 2006 from the Field School. She graduated from Wake Forest University in 2001, and Washington University in 2011. When she's not at work, Cori enjoys walking her dog, designing the garden of her dreams with her husband, and tinkering.
  • Photo of Michelle Cobb
    Michelle Cobb
    High School Studio Arts Department Chair
    Michelle started her journey at GDS in 2005 after a career in art and communications, serving as a designer and illustrator for Time-Life Books, the communications director for Sanford School, and as the first African American promotion art director for Sports Illustrated magazine. Michelle is also an AP studio art reader for the College Board. She has an MFA from George Washington University.
  • Photo of Brooke Coleman
    Brooke Coleman
    High School Math Teacher
  • Photo of Gary Cutler
    Gary Cutler
    Fifth Grade Teacher; Lower School Science Department Chair
    Gary moved to DC from Manhattan in 1996 to teach at GDS. He completed his studies at Connecticut College and lives with his wife and two children in Cheverly, Maryland.
  • Photo of Greg Dallinger
    Greg Dallinger
    High School Science Teacher
    Greg began teaching at GDS in 2016, previously teaching chemistry alongside his father at Wabash College, in his hometown of Crawforsville, IN. A graduate of the College of Wooster and University of California, Berkley, Greg is also a dancer. He performed in thee professional ballet productions as a child, and was the first male member of a high school dance team in the state of Indiana.
  • Photo of Kathleen Dawson
    Kathleen Dawson
    Lower School Science Teacher and Math Specialist
    Kathleen began teaching at GDS in 2014, following teaching jobs in environmental outdoor science and middle and elementary school science. She has a BA in sustainable development from Appalachian State University.
  • Photo of Yka de Castillo
    Yka de Castillo
    High School Spanish Teacher
    Yka began working at GDS in 2002 after teaching across the western hemisphere, including at a Spanish immersion program in DC, the American Nicaraguan School, the British School of Costa Rica, Maya School of Guatemala, and the National University of the Peruvian Amazon. She worked as an associate professor of applied linguistics at the National University of the Peruvian Amazon. Yka herself is a graduate of the National University of Trujilo.
  • Photo of William Degener
    Perry Degener
    Middle School English & History; Middle School History Department Chair; Seventh Grade Advisor
    Perry came to GDS in 2001, after teaching for 19 years at the Greenhill School. Perry spends his time helping his two children with their homework, responding to student work, or restoring wooden boats.
  • Photo of Michael Desautels
    Michael Desautels
    Eighth Grade Science Teacher; Middle School Science Department Chair
    Michael graduated with a BS in Botany from University of Florida and with a MEd from Johns Hopkins University. Michael has run two marathons, and he loves seeing GDS students getting excited about science and going on to pursue scientific careers.
  • Photo of Nichelle Dowell
    Nichelle Dowell
    Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Grade Level Coordinato
  • Photo of Katherine Dunbar
    Katherine Dunbar
    High School English Teacher
    Katherine began teaching at GDS in 1993. She previously worked as a writer and editor, and she loves to read. She once spent a summer driving a Good Humor truck.
  • Photo of Christopher Dunne
    Christopher Dunne
    High School History Teacher; Tenth Grade Class Dean
    Topher began as a substitute at GDS in 1990, before becoming a full-time teacher in 1995. Before becoming a teacher, Topher studied economics.
  • Photo of Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards
    Sixth & Seventh Grade English Teacher; Middle School English Department Chair
    Charles earned his BA from Oberlin College and EdM from the University of Pennsylvania. He came to GDS in 2001 and appreciates how the school serves as a brave space where questions are asked and norms are challenged, with the intention of making the individual experience and community experience better. Outside of GDS, Charles administers a five thousand-member Facebook group.
  • Photo of Angelique Errett
    Angie Errett
    Eight Grade Math Teacher
    Angie started teaching at GDS in 2017 and has taught in the DC area at St. Albans School, National Cathedral School, and Fairfax County Public Schools. Prior to teaching, Angie spent 10 years working as an environmental engineer and has a master of science from The Ohio State University. She meditates daily and is passionate about creating a safe and compassionate environment where students can take risks and uncover the best versions of themselves in math and in all walks of life.
  • Photo of Elizabeth Fall
    Lisa Fall
    Head Librarian, Lower Middle School Library
    Lisa came to GDS's library in 2006, after serving as a TFA teacher in Houston, working in North Carolina public schools, and graduating from Catholic University with an MLS. Lisa originally grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and has found GDS to be the school where she has learned the most about how her identity as a white, cisgender, Christian woman has an impact on how she teaches and experiences the world.
  • Martha Farrand
    Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Julia Fisher
    Julia Fisher
    High School English Teacher
    After graduating from GDS in 2009 and serving as a long-term substitute teacher in 2014, Julia returned to GDS in 2018 as a full-time teacher. Julia has her BA from Yale University and her MA and an expected PhD (2019) from the University of Virginia. She once built a six-foot wall of snow blocking the doors to the main library in college!
  • Photo of Eric Friedenson
    Eric Friedenson
    Lower School Science Teacher, Lower School Science Department Chair
    Before coming to GDS in 2006 and currently serving as the PK/K and third grade science teacher, Eric taught middle school math and science at a bilingual school in the Costa Rican cloud forest. He likes to spend time exploring the outdoors, which is evident in his classes, where students head outdoors whenever possible. You can often find him hiking with his dogs along the Potomac River or canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding with his children down the rapids near Great Falls. Eric earned a bachelor's degree in government and a master's in environmental management at Cornell University. He once slept on the beach with 15 foot crocodiles and had to swim through a shark-infested river to escape them! Eric believes it’s so fun to teach at GDS because it is a great community of people, educators, and administrators always trying to find ways to engage students in better, more creative, and more inclusive ways.
  • Photo of Matt Friel
    Matt Friel
    High School Science Teacher
  • Photo of Amanda Gaal
    Amanda Gaal
    Middle School Science Teacher, 8th Grade Advisor
    Amanda arrived at GDS in 2017 after teaching biology at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School for three years, and living and teaching at a secondary boarding school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for three years before that. When she isn't teaching or travelling, Amanda is a consumate runner, having completed three half-marathons and a Spartan Race.
  • Photo of Nicole Gainyard
    Nicole Gainyard
    High School English Teacher
    Nicole came to GDS from an independent school in Dayton, Ohio in 2017. She has an undergraduate degree from Hunter College and a master's and PhD from the University of Iowa.
  • Photo of William George
    Bill George
    High School Science Teacher
    Bill started at GDS in 1983, following an eight year term at The Bullis School, where he taught and chaired the science department. Outside of school, Bill loves to snorkel.
  • Photo of Kathleen Glines
    Kathleen Glines
    High School Math Teacher
    Kathleen Glines comes to GDS after a long career as a teacher and administrator at Maret. Following a year of traveling, Kathleen is eager to return to the classroom full time. She enjoys reading mysteries, and if she looks familiar, you may have seen her featured in a commercial for Walmart. Kathleen was drawn to GDS because of its mission. She received her BS in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.
  • Photo of Lee Goldman
    Lee Goldman
    High School Math Department Chair
    Lee comes to GDS most recently from the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she taught math and served as department head. Prior to moving to Dhaka, she taught math at the Madeira School for 17 years, where she also coached cross-country and sponsored the math team and the Black Student Union. She earned a EdM in math from George Mason University and a BS in math from St. Lawrence University.
  • Photo of Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez
    High School Spanish Teacher
    Eduardo started working for GDS in 1992. He had previously taught in college and public and private high schools in Puerto Rico, as well as at high schools in Cumberland and West Virginia, and the University of Maryland. Eduardo earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras and his graduate degree from the University of Maryland. If he hadn't taught, Eduardo could have played center field in professional baseball.
  • Jeremy Haft
    Director of Community Engagement and Experiential Learning
  • Photo of Suzanne Hamon
    Suzy Hamon
    High School Math Teacher
    Suzy started at GDS in 2016. She came to DC to teach math from St. Louis. She has a BA from Augustana, and an MS and PhD from the University of Iowa. She has travelled to 47 states, teaches spin classes, and loves to challenge her students.
  • Photo of Stephen Harris
    Stephen Harris
    Middle School Science Teacher, Sixth Grade Advisor
    Stephen, a self-described "full-fledged Cajun from southern Louisiana," came to GDS in 2003. Stephen loves science and used to work as a lab assistant at Georgetown University. He also loves the outdoors and can often be found playing with his dogs, driving with the top off his jeep, camping, gardening, or canning jams and sauces.
  • Photo of Azureé Harrison
    Azureé Harrison
    Second Grade Teacher
    Azuree came to GDS from Horace Mann Elementary School in 2016. She has degrees in elementary education from Western Governors University and health sciences from Howard University. Outside of school, Azuree competes in obstacle races and spends time with her wife and two daughters.
  • Kathy Hawes
  • Photo of John Headley
    John Headley
    Lower/Middle School Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Trisha Heatherman
    Trish Heatherman
    High School Spanish Teacher
    Trisha started her journey at GDS in 2015, and has taught at other independent schools. Outside of GDS, she enjoys listening to podcasts, walking her dog, learning to be a mother, and eating chocolate and drinking coffee.
  • Photo of Jenn Heffernan
    Jenn Heffernan
    Lower/Middle School Visual Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Jessica Hortman
    Jessica Hortman
    Director of GDS 360
  • Photo of Brooke Houghton
    Brooke Houghton
    Lower/Middle School Drama Teacher, Eighth Grade Advisor
    Brooke started with GDS in the after-school program in 2005. Prior to joining GDS, she was an actress, acting teacher and private coach, and a children's party entertainer in Los Angeles. She earned her BA in Theater Arts from UMD College Park, and an MFA in theater arts from UNC-Chapel Hill. Brooke can juggle, knows a little magic, and can make balloon animals.
  • Photo of Laraine House
    Laraine House
    High School Spanish Teacher
    Larry has been with GDS since 1987, and she has enjoyed a prestigious career throughout the DC metro area. Beginning as a TA, then as a professional lecturer, Larry has taught at two high schools, the University of Maryland, American University, and Georgetown University. Larry has a BA in Spanish literature from Tufts University, an MS in linguistics from Georgetown, and a PhD in Spanish and Latin American literature from the University of Maryland. In addition to teaching, Larry has also been involved in social justice advocacy, specifically in immigration and animal welfare.
  • Photo of Anna Howe
    Anna Howe
    Twelfth Grade Dean; High School English Teacher
    Anna has taught at GDS since 2012 and previously taught at independent schools in San Francisco and Alexandria. She is a mother of three and loves to write. Anna grew up in French schools and never took an English class (except for English) until undergrad.
  • Photo of Laura Howell
    Laura Howell
    Third Grade Teacher
    Laura earned a BA in psychology and a MAT in early childhood studies from Tufts University.
  • Photo of Keith Hudspeth
    Keith Hudspeth
    Lower/Middle School Music Teacher; Lower/Middle School Arts Department Chair
    Keith started at GDS in 2005, continuing his career in private school education from St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School. He has a bachelor of music in vocal performance from UNC Charlotte and a master of music in vocal performance from Rice University. Keith has sung professionally along the east coast and loves riding and showing horses.
  • Photo of Susan Ikenberry
    Sue Ikenberry
    High School History Teacher
    Sue joined GDS in 1984. Previously, she taught at a junior college, ran a community center, planned non-credit courses for the Columbia Association, and won a position on the Democratic Central Committee for Howard County. Susan has also worked for a Congresswoman in Howard County and on Capitol Hill. Sue attended Sidwell Friends School, Vassar College, Brandeis University, and has a master's degree in American history from Johns Hopkins University.
  • Photo of Jodi Jackson
    Jodi Jackson
    Lower/Middle School Physical Education Teacher
    Jodi is a graduate of Howard University, and played varsity basketball at National Cathedral School. Jodi has been invited to play a basketball game at the Capital 1 Center (formerly the Verizon Center). When Jodi isn't coaching or playing basketball, he's spending time with his family.
  • Photo of Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson
    High School Physical Education Teacher
  • Photo of Denise Jones
    Denise Jones
    Lower School Assistant Principal
    Originally from Michigan, Denise has enjoyed DC and has taught in the public schools here: first at Friendship Edison Academy where she incorporated differentiated instruction for all students and developed inter-grade activities and then at Garrison Elementary where she taught PK/K. Denise graduated with a BA in anthropology from Howard University and an MA in early childhood education. She has a passion for education and for applying current research in the classroom.
  • Photo of Aicha Kacem
    Aicha Kacem
    Lower/Middle School World Languages Department Chair
    Aicha came to the United States from Montpellier, France in 1992. She graduated from the University of Sciences in Nice for undergrad, and completed her graduate and post graduate studies at the University of Sciences and Medical School in Montpellier, with a focus in parasitology. Aicha's entire family is invested in GDS: her daughter is an alumni, and her husband has taught alongside her at GDS for over a quarter of a century.
  • Photo of Nooman Kacem
    Nooman Kacem
    Lower/Middle School World Languages Teacher; Eighth Grade Advisor; High School History Teacher
  • Photo of Quinn Killy
    Quinn Killy
    Assistant Principal for School Life; High School Science Teacher
    Quinn joined the GDS faculty in 2000. The son of educators, Quinn has a graduate degree from Miami University.
  • Arden Kinnamont
    First Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Lauren Kinnard
    Lauren Kinnard
    Lower and Middle School Spanish Teacher
    Lauren Kinnard received her BA in Spanish from the University of Tennessee and an MS in social foundations of education from Georgia State University. She is an avid "sketch noter," producing vivid infographics about literature, social justice, and education. Before coming to Georgetown Day School, Lauren taught 2nd-6th grade Spanish in Atlanta, Georgia. She was drawn to GDS by its mission to honor individuals while holding each other accountable within a diverse community. Lauren will be teaching Spanish in our Lower/Middle School.
  • Photo of Lynn Klaiman
    Lynn Klaiman
    Lower School Learning Specialist, PK–2nd Grade
  • Photo of Joni Kuckuck
    Joni Kuckuck
    Sixth Grade Math Teacher
    Joni came to GDS most recently from the Lowell School, where she taught 4th and 6th grades over the course of her five-year tenure. Prior to Lowell, she taught in the California Public School System, including ten years teaching at the Niguel Hills Middle School in Laguna Niguel. She earned a BA in liberal studies along with her teaching certification from California State University at Fullerton.
  • Photo of Toussaint Lacoste
    Toussaint Lacoste
    Middle School History Teacher, Sixth Grade Advisor
    Toussaint Lacoste, the new Middle School history teacher, comes to GDS after teaching in public charter schools in Boston, Massachusetts. He believes in using education to motivate, inspire, and empower young people to understand and challenge their circumstances and society’s ills. Toussaint received a BA in Africana studies at the University of Massachusetts. He loves to travel, perform spoken word, and eat Caribbean food. Along with his wife and two sons, he has been enjoying exploring the DMV area.
  • Christina Lafontant-Bridgeforth
    Second Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Emily Landau
    Emily Landau
    High School History Teacher
    Emily Landau comes to the High School History Department after teaching at the University of Maryland, College Park and then St. Albans School for Boys. When not at school, she enjoys running on the DC Mall, watching old films, and spending time with her family. She loves the idea of teaching history to young people. “The mission of GDS,” she says, “meshes well with my personal philosophy regarding teaching and life.” Emily received her PhD in American history from Yale University following an AB in history from the University of Chicago.
  • Photo of Belinda Lartey
    Belinda Lartey
    High School French Teacher
    Belinda started working at GDS after teaching at a private school in Tacoma, Washington. She has a BA from Smith College and a PhD from Tulane University.
  • Photo of Christopher Levy
    Chris Levy
    Assistant Principal for Academics; High School Science Teacher
    Chris came to GDS in 2005. Prior to GDS, Chris worked at the Noble & Grennough School.
  • Michelle Levy
    Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Denise Li
    Denise Li
    High School Chinese Teacher
    Denise started teaching at GDS in 2015 and has been a GDS parent since 2002. (Both of her children are now alumni.) Before coming to GDS, Denise served as the associate dean of Georgetown University's graduate journalist program and spent 22 years as a producer at CBS news for Charlie Rose, Lesley Stahl, and Bob Schieffer. Denise also taught at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins. Denise has a BA from Barnard College, an MA from Georgetown University, and can speak four different Chinese dialects.
  • Photo of Brad Linde
    Brad Linde
    Jazz and Creative Instrumental Music Teacher
    Brad started his GDS career in 2015, after serving as an adjunct at both Northern Virginia Community College and Carroll Community College. Additionally, Brad curated the jazz series at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street in DC and founded and co-led the award-winning Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra in residence at the historic club. Brad continues to lead the 17-piece Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, teaches music at Levine, leads performance and recording projects in DC and New York, and tours with various bands. Brad earned his BA at Elon, and his MM from University of Maryland College Park.
  • Photo of Andrew Lipps
    Andy Lipps
    High School Math Teacher
    Andy started a new career in teaching in 2000 after practicing law for 24 years as a public defender at law firms specializing in civil and criminal litigation. Andy has a BA, MS in math, and a JD.
  • Photo of Laura Loftus
    Laura Loftus
    Middle School Computer Science & English Teacher, 6th Advisor
    Prior to joining GDS in 2002, Laura was the technology training coordinator at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta. Laura’s free time is taken up with chauffeuring her son (who is on his way to being a GDS lifer) to all of his activities, humble-bragging about GDS on social media, and serving at the beck and call of her cats. She also loves to cook, read, and Netflix. Laura has a BS in English from Illinois State University, an MA in English from Northern Arizona University, and an MS in instructional design from Georgia State University. Laura says, “I’ve stayed at GDS for so long because every day our students remind me that our future is in good hands. Not many people can say their job helps make the world a better place, and I get pretty excited about that. If you don’t believe me, just ask my friends how much I post about GDS on Facebook!”
  • Photo of Susan Loutoo
    Susie Loutoo
    Fourth Grade Math Teacher and Lower School Math Specialist
    Susie began teaching at GDS in 1999, after working as an elementary school teacher in Rockville and as a preschool teacher in Potomac, as well as teaching music and piano. Susie has a degree from American University and lived in five countries by the age of five.?
  • Photo of Adrian Loving
    Adrian Loving
    High School Studio Arts Teacher
    Adrian comes to GDS from academia, where he was a professor at Marymount University until 2012. Adrian has an MFA from the University of the Arts.
  • Photo of Jim Mahady
    Jim Mahady
    High School Performing Arts, Acting Teacher
    Jim Mahady started his career as a teacher in 2003, after acting on screen and stage in New York and Los Angeles. In LA, Jim also worked as a security guard for Barbara Streisand, Marlon Brando, and Carol Burnett. When not at GDS, he enjoys spending time with his husband, seeing theater and film productions, performing solo shows, and teaching as an adjunt at Catholic University. Jim is a graduate of Northwestern.
  • Photo of Nadia Mahdi
    Nadia Mahdi
    High School English Teacher
    Nadia came to GDS in 2014 from teaching undergraduate and graduate level college courses. Prior to becoming a teacher, she worked for many years in professional theater.
  • Photo of Vinay Mallikaarjun
    Vinay Mallikaarjun
    High School Science Teacher
    Vinay joined GDS in 2017. He has a BS in biological sciences with a specialization in cell biology and molecular genetics from the University of Maryland and an MSEd in secondary science education from the University of Pennsylvania. Besides teaching, Vinay has also worked as a semi-professional Indian classical vocalist and percussionist and teaches weekend Hinduism classes to local youth.
  • Photo of Kate Maloney
    Kate Maloney
    Middle School History Teacher and Department Chair, Sixth Grade Advisor
    Kate is a "boomerang" GDS teacher, starting her GDS career in 1989 and then returning once again in 2014. She has taught 1st through 8th grades and on four different continents. She has travelled to every continent besides Antarctica.
  • Michael Manson
    High School English Teacher
  • Photo of Polly Martin
    Polly Martin
    High School Science Teacher
    Polly started working at GDS in 2002, coming to DC after teaching at a boarding school. She has an undergraduate degree from University of Richmond, and she completed her graduate degree at UT Austin. Polly enjoys spending time with her Bernese Mountain Dog and two cats.?
  • Photo of Eduardo Martinez
    Eduardo Martinez
    Middle School English Teacher
    Eduardo came to GDS in 2017, following both work and studies in New York City, where he taught and earned a graduate degree from Columbia University. In his spare time, Eduardo enjoys writing poetry.
  • Photo of Veronique Mattei
    Veronique Mattei
    High School French Teacher
    Veronique came to GDS from New England in 2011. After developing a love for world languages early on, she has travelled throughout the United States, France, and through the Panama Canal. She has taken her love for travelling and channeled it into an opportunity to support students into becoming global citizens.
  • Photo of Patricia McCole
    Patricia McCole
    High School Lab Assistant
  • Photo of Nicola McCutcheon
    Nicola McCutcheon
    High School Latin Teacher
  • Photo of Tricia Melka
    Tricia Melka
    Lower/Middle School Music Teacher
    Tricia joined GDS in 2010. Previously, she worked as a long-term substitute elementary strings teacher in Howard County, MD. She has a bachelor's degree of music in clarinet performance and a bachelor's degree in music education from the University of Maryland, College Park. Outside of school, Tricia enjoys training for marathons and performing aerial silks.
  • Photo of William Miezan
    William Miezan
    Lower/Middle School Physical Education Teacher; Athletics
    William came to GDS in 2001 from teaching in the DC Public School system. He is a graduate of University of Abidjan in Cote D'Ivoire. He represented Cote D'Ivoire in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta as a sprinter on the 4x100m relay team.
  • Milstein
  • Photo of Susan Mols
    Susan Mols
    Lower/Middle School Visual Arts Teacher
    Susan Mols began teaching art at GDS in 1973. She left in 1977 but returned in 1985. She is a graduate of the University of Buffalo and Buffalo State Teachers College. She shares her passion for art through exploration and creativity with her students, encouraging them to see how their art can impact the school community as well as the world around them.
  • Photo of Luisa Myavec
    Luisa Myavec
    Fifth Grade Math Teacher, Lower School Math Specialist and Math Department Chair
    Luisa joined GDS in 2014 after teaching at another independent school in Connecticut. She has a bachelor’s degree from DePauw University and an MEd from Lesley University. Luisa enjoys running and spending time with loved ones—including her twin sister.
  • Elyon Olaniran
  • Photo of Christopher Oster
    Chris Oster
    High School Science & Math Teacher
  • Photo of Felipe Oyarzun Moltedo
    Felipe Oyarzun Moltedo
    Lower/Middle School Dance Teacher, Sixth Grade Advisor
    Felipe joined the Lower/Middle School in 2016 even as he has continued to perform professionally with Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company (DTSBC). He received both a BFA and MA in dance from the University of Chile as well as an MFA in dance from George Washington University. Felipe has taught in independent schools and nonprofit dance centers. He was drawn to GDS by its history of inclusion and equity and is committed to the work of our school’s mission. When not at GDS, Felipe is likely dancing with DTSBC, choreographing his own projects, playing video games, or swimming.
  • Photo of Abraham Pachikara
    Abraham Pachikara
    Ninth Grade Dean; High School History Teacher
    Abe has worked at GDS since 2014. Prior to joining us he worked with DCPS and in the nonprofit sector. Outside of school, he trains in competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Abe has an undergraduate degree from University of Maryland - College Park and a graduate degree from American University.
  • Photo of Kimberly Palombo
    Kim Palombo
    Department Chair of Learning Services
    Kim is a GDS "boomerang," starting in both 2008 and 2016. In the interim, she served as the director of student support at the Lowell School. Kim has degrees from the University of Maryland and American University.
  • Carl Parker
    Assistant Athletic Director
  • Photo of Julia Penn
    Julia Penn
    High School Math Teacher
    Julia Penn is excited to join the High School math department after several years as a math teacher in DC public and charter schools. She received her EdM in secondary mathematics from American University following a BA in mathematics from Wesleyan University. Julia enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dog, practicing yoga, and cooking. She also enjoys traveling, an interest fueled, perhaps, by her time studying abroad in India during college.
  • Photo of Elvin Peprah
    Elvin Peprah
    Lower School Computer Science Teacher
    Elvin Peprah is a former program manager/maker educator at KID Museum in Bethesda who joined the Lower School in 2018. He received a masters in integrated innovation for products and services from Carnegie Mellon University following a BA in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. Outside of GDS you might find him building his own version of something he could easily buy or enjoying the board game renaissance. On campus, he hopes to ensure that future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have the tools and skills to create amazing human-centered solutions to real world problems.
  • Photo of Mary Petras
    Mary Petras
    Middle School Math Teacher
    Mary Petras received an EdM in math education from Duquesne University and returned to graduate studies at UMD in 2018 with a focus on measurement, evaluation, and statistics. In between listening to audiobooks, cooking healthy dinners, and watching movies nominated for Oscars, this statistician loves sampling every new flavor of Oreo cookie. Mary is excited to be teaching math in the Middle School and believes educating the whole person, across all content areas, can prepare learners to become great citizens of the world.
  • Photo of Heather Philips
    Heather Philips
    Lower/Middle School Music Teacher
    Heather joined the GDS team in 2017. Prior to GDS, she worked for Fairfax County Public Schools for four years as a music teacher and chorus director. Before teaching in school, Heather taught voice lessons, sang operas in Rome, had a brief career in hotel management, and spent three months travelling Italy and working on organic farms via the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program. Heather is also an active member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, and a graduate of Longwood University.
  • Photo of C.A. Pilling
    C.A. Pilling
    High School Science Teacher
    C.A. came to GDS as a coach in 1991. She began teaching in 1996, after working in the environmental policy field. C.A. was previously the high school principal at GDS, but has committed to her love of teaching. In past years, C.A. has taken ten high school kids on a cross-country bike trip with no cell phone or support vehicle.
  • Photo of Maria (Maribel) Prieto
    Maria (Maribel) Prieto
    Department Chair, High School World Languages
    Maribel has had a long career in the DC area -- she started working for GDS in 1993, has also taught at the University of Maryland and at Frostburg State University, and worked at the Smithsonian and the Inter-American Development Bank. Maribel has degrees from Rutgers and the University of Maryland.
  • Photo of Nina Prytula
    Nina Prytula
    High School English Teacher
    Nina started teaching at GDS in 2001 after living in Hong Kong, teaching art and ESOL at a summer camp in southern Switzerland, and writing a PhD dissertation on the 18th-century English novel. Nina attended Yale University, loves dance, and was an avid participant in DC's Argentine tango scene.
  • Photo of Lisa Rauschart
    Lisa Rauschart
    High School History Department Chair
  • Photo of Katie Redmond
    Katie Redmond
    Lower/Middle School Physical Education Teacher
    Katie came to GDS in 2005 from the Holton-Arms School in Bethesda. She holds a BA from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Katie has coached women's soccer at the middle school, high school, and women's club levels.
  • Photo of Sarah Redmond
    Sarah Redmond
    High School English Department Chair
    Sarah joined GDS in 2009, after stints teaching at the Barrie School, the International School of Perth in Australia, and also as a museum educator at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. In her free time, you can find her singing with the 18th Street Singers and playing with her daughter. Her claim to fame: she knows all the words to the movie version of The Sound of Music—not just the songs. All. The. Words. Sarah has her B.A. from Harvard University, her M.A. from Georgetown University, and her M.S.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Photo of Vida Rivera
    Vida Rivera
    Middle School Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Laura Rosberg
    Laura Rosberg
    High School Performing Arts Department Chair
  • Photo of Jana Rupp
    Jana Rupp
    Middle School Math Teacher & Department Chair
    Jana came to GDS in 2016, after teaching in Albuquerque, Mexico, and China. She has a mathematics degree from Benedictine College and a master's degree in education from Framingham State College. In Mexico, Jana played ultimate Frisbee on a team called the Nomads. At GDS, Jana enjoys the opportunity to work with inquisitive, creative, and passionate students and colleagues.
  • Photo of Nicholas Ryan
    Nick Ryan
    High School Studio Arts Teacher
    Nicholas started teaching at GDS in 2000. Before coming to GDS, Nicholas taught all over the country, working at Chase Collegiate School and Telkiyo-Post University in Waterbury, CT; St. Edwards School in Vero Beach, FL; and The Winchedon School in Winchedon, MA. He has a BA from Connecticut College, and an MFA from Pratt institute, and was born on Fort Luke AFB in Glendale, Arizona.
  • Photo of Nicole Sade
    Nicole Sade
    High School French & Spanish Teacher
    Nicole started working at GDS in 2013, after living in Brazil for seven years and teaching at Alliance Francaise and the University of Brasilia. Nicole has a BA in art history from the Univsersidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, an MA in museum studies from the City University of New York, and an MA in art management from NYU.
  • Photo of Regina Saifee
    Regina Saifee
    High School Learning Specialist
    Regina Saifee is the newest member of our High School learning services department. Previously a high school learning specialist and English teacher at a DC charter school, she also taught 6th grade social studies and was a ELA teacher at a magnet school in Philadelphia. In Philly, she managed to lead twenty class trips in a single school year. When not at GDS, she is likely to be found “thinking about, planning, or eating [her] next meal.” As a high school student, she reached the “Poetry Out Loud” NJ state competition. Regina values the way that “actions match words [at GDS]” and faculty members pause for meaningful reflection when they have missed that mark. Regina earned a BA in literature and secondary education from American University and her masters in teaching, learning, and leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Photo of Payal Sangani
    Payal Sangani
    Fourth Grade Teacher
    Payal came to GDS in 2013. Previously, she taught 2nd and 3rd grade in Northern Virginia. She earned her undergraduate degree at Penn State and her graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Bianca Santos
    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Peg Schultz
    Peg Schultz
    Lower/Middle School Physical Education & Health Education Department Chair
    Peg earned her BS in human kinetics and leisure studies at George Washington University and her master's degree in education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. At National Cathedral School, she was the director of athletics and physical education, and prior to NCS she was the head women's volleyball coach at Columbia University.
  • Photo of Jon Sharp
    Jon Sharp
    High School Debate Coach & High School History Teacher
    jon may have joined GDS's debate program in 2011, but he has been involved in debate as a competitor or coach since the 9th grade. He even competed against GDS in high school! jon has a BA in history from Emory and an MA in communication from the University of Southern California. He is an anarchist and an eagle scout.
  • Photo of Paula Young Shelton
    Paula Shelton
    First Grade Teacher
  • Aisha Sidibe
    High School English Teacher
  • Photo of Sasha Soper
    Sasha Soper
    Lower/Middle School Instrumental Teacher
    Sasha came to GDS in 2000, after a decade of working in the record industry at both Columbia and Epic Records. Outside of GDS, Sasha enjoys performing around the city with various bands and orchestras, and he played in a band that was a"one-hit wonder." Sasha is a graduate of Peabody Conservatory of Music at the University of Maryland at College Park.
  • Photo of Cally Spero
    Cally Spero
    Lower/Middle School Physical Education Teacher
    Cally joined GDS in 2014, after substitute teaching and coaching at The St. Stephen's St. Agnes School in Alexandria, Virginia. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys the outdoors, dancing in zumba classes or taking a yoga class, and decorating her home. Cally has both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in physical and health education from James Madison University. Cally says she loves working at GDS because, “I love my colleagues and getting to work and collaborate with them daily.”
  • Photo of Tom Spilsbury
    Tom Spilsbury
    High School Math Teacher
  • Photo of Elizabeth Spratley
    Liz Spratley
    Fourth Grade Teacher
    Liz joined the Lower School in 2017 where she has taught 1st and 4th grade. Previously, she taught kindergarten and 2nd-3rd grade ELA at a DC public charter school. Liz received a BA in biological foundations of behavior from Franklin and Marshall College followed by a teaching certification in early childhood education from The College of New Jersey. She loves musical theater and has directed several musicals for children. Liz leads GDS running clubs and when not at GDS enjoys riding her bike.
  • Photo of Elizabeth Stafford
    Beth Stafford
    High School Math Teacher
    Beth Stafford, part of the GDS community since 2015, is a writer and teacher. She has a BA from Stanford, an MFA in fiction from Johns Hopkins, and an MA from American University. Beth has taught college-level creative writing, played field hockey, and loves the creative community at GDS.
  • Donna Stallworth
    LMS Physical Education Teacher
  • Photo of Pamela Stanfield
    Pam Stanfield
    High School Physical Education Teacher
    Pam joined GDS in 2014 after working as a coach at Edmond Burke School and a personal trainer in Bethesda. She completed her studies at American University.
  • Photo of Julie Stein
    Julie Stein
    Tenth Grade Dean; High School History Teacher
    Julie started teaching at GDS in 2013. Before coming to GDS, she earned her PhD from UC Berkley, where she studied U.S. history. Her research focused on women, gender, and sexuality, and she wrote a dissertation about the history of teenagers in the United States. Julie also has a BA in humanities from Yale and is a GDS alumna - kindergarten through graduation!
  • Photo of Edward Stern
    Ed Stern
    High School Math Teacher
    Ed began teaching at GDS in 2012. He previously taught at the National Cathedral School and his alma mater, Fieldston, in New York. Ed has a BA in math and economics from Johns Hopkins University.
  • Photo of Aden Stinebrickner-Kauffman
    Aden Stinebrickner-Kauffman
    High School Science Teacher
    With a strong background in physics, chemistry, and rocketry, Aden came to GDS having taught most recently at H.D. Woodson High School in DC. In college, Aden was an All-Conference soccer player and continues to hone his athletic skills as the captain of a local frisbee club team, Renegade. Aden earned his BA in physics from Grinnell College and an MA in teaching from American University.
  • Photo of Jason Strunk
    Jason Strunk
    High School Vocal Studies Teacher
    Jason Strunk joins the High School Performing Arts Department as director of vocal studies. He brings considerable choral leadership experience in independent schools and professionally; most recently, he worked at the Bullis School as their director of choral activities. This spring, Jason will defend his dissertation to complete his doctorate in choral conducting from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Among the many highlights of his choral work, he has performed with Bocelli at the Hard Rock Live Theater in Hollywood, Florida and conducted Liz Callaway of Anastasia fame in a cabaret in Florida last February. Jason loves that GDS is a place where ideas are freely exchanged and dialogue about our society is welcomed.
  • Photo of Leigh Tait
    Leigh Tait
    Program Associate, Community Engagement and Experiential Learning
  • Photo of Lauren Thompson
    Lauren Thompson
    Middle School Math Teacher
    Lauren Wines comes to the Middle School Math Department after teaching High School and Middle School math in Philadelphia. She received an EdM in teaching and learning from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, following a BA in mathematics from UNC Chapel Hill. She has taught cryptology and problem solving at a summer camp in Hong Kong and, closer to home, teaches her border collie incredible tricks. Lauren is committed to “the power that education holds to create a more just world.”
  • Photo of Reed Thompson
    Reed Thompson
    Fifth Grade Teacher; Humanities
  • Photo of Laura Tolliver
    Laura Tolliver
    High School Studio Arts Teacher
    Laura came to GDS in 1979. After graduating with a degree in ceramics at Kansas City Art Institute, Laura returned to Great Falls, built a kiln in her backyard, and taught private wheel work lessons while selling her pottery in Ellicott City, Maryland and Herndon, Virginia. Laura also has psychology and art degrees from University of Maryland. Laura has stayed at GDS for decades because of the community's value on growth, knowledge, and nurturing education.
  • Photo of Julia Tomasko
    Julia Tomasko
    Fourth Grade Math Teacher
    Julia Tomasko, a lifer from the GDS class of 2005, returns to her old stomping grounds to teach math to 4th graders. Since graduating GDS, she received her BA in psychology from Middlebury College and EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Julia has taught 1st–5th grades at progressive charter schools in DC and Jersey City, NJ. Julia is inspired by the social mission of GDS and wants to help students cultivate their love of learning.
  • Photo of Jeffrey Trembly
    Jeffrey Trembly
    Lower/Middle School Physical Education Teacher
    Jeff has been with GDS since 2000. Prior to that, he was the director of athletics at a private lower/middle school in Lyme, New Hampshire. He is a graduate of Plymouth State College.
  • Photo of Jay Tucker
    Jay Tucker
    Fourth Grade Teacher
    Jay came to GDS in 2013 from E.L. Haynes Public Charter School in Washington, DC. Before coming to DC, Jay worked on President Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, as a financial analyst with Halakar Real Estate in Indianapolis, and on a permaculture farm in Israel. Jay has a BS in real estate from Indiana University.
  • Photo of Victor Vazquez-Vincent
    Victor Vazquez-Vincent
    Lower/Middle School Spanish Teacher
    Victor came to GDS in 2003. Previously, he taught English in Madrid and Spanish in North Carolina public schools and at the Brunswick School in Connecticut. Victor has a BS in Spanish and English from the University of Madrid.
  • Photo of Juan Vidal
    Juan Vidal
    High School Math Teacher
    Juan started working in GDS in 2014 after moving to DC from Los Angeles. Juan has degrees from UCLA and Columbia.
  • Photo of Unushe Walker
    Unushe Walker
    First Grade Teacher
    Unushe was a Spanish immersion teacher in DCPS before joining GDS in 2017. Unushe has a BA from the University of Texas Austin and an EdM in elementary education from George Washington University.
  • Photo of William Wallace
    Bill Wallace
    High School Science Teacher
    Bill joined GDS in 1989, after heading neuroscience research labs at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Bill has a BS from University of Maryland, a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, and post doc fellowships from Yale and the Rockefeller Universities. During his two years in northern Sweden, Bill learned to speak Swedish partially through practicing with Torsten Wiesel, a Nobel Laureate in the neurosciences.
  • Photo of Min Wang
    Min Wang
    High School Chinese Teacher
    Min Wang comes to the GDS language department after teaching positions at Swarthmore College, Harvard University, Boston University, and the Chinese Summer School of Middlebury College. Min did her postdoc in literature and linguistics at Harvard following her PhD from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She also studied linguistics at Lancaster University, UK. Min teaches Chinese at the High School, drawing on her ample research into the challenges of second language acquisition. Min is a GDS parent, as well, with a son in 8th grade.
  • Photo of Cristina Watson
    Cristina Watson
    Middle School Learning Specialist
    Cristina Watson is the Middle School learning specialist. She received an EdM in language and literacy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, following a BA in English and Spanish from Haverford College. She is currently working toward a doctorate of education in special education at George Washington University. Previously, she has worked as a reading specialist in Baltimore and a learning support specialist in Italy. Cristina was drawn to GDS by its strong, welcoming community.
  • Photo of Maria Watson
    Maria Watson
    High School Dance Teacher
    Maria started at GDS in 2002 as part of a long career as a director, choreographer, actor, dancer, singer, artistic director, and producer. Maria completed her education at the University of Utah and The Acting Studio in New York City. A cinephile, Maria runs a carbon arc movie projector.
  • Photo of Jody Welsh
    Jody Welsh
    Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher
    Jody began teaching at GDS in September 2001. Before coming to GDS, she served as a founding faculty member of the River School. Jody has an undergraduate degree in early childhood education from Wheelock College and a master's degree in special education from Hood College.
  • Photo of Michael Wenthe
    Michael Wenthe
    High School English
    Mike started teaching at GDS in 2012, coming from American University, where he taught medieval European literature. Mike enjoys baking pies with his daughter.
  • Photo of Bryan Williams
    Bryan Williams
    Fifth Grade Math Teacher, GDS 360 Staff
    Bryan was a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher at Beauvoir before coming to GDS in 2008. He earned his bachelor's degree from Catholic University and completed graduate school at the University of Maryland. During his time at Catholic, Bryan played on the football team.
  • Photo of Oveta Willie-Jenkins
    Oveta Willie-Jenkins
    Sixth Grade English Teacher; Sixth Grade Advisor
    Oveta started her GDS journey in 1982 teaching fifth grade, and has been teaching sixth grade since her 2007 return to GDS. Prior to her most recent term at the school, she served as the diversity coordinator at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. Oveta has a BS in education from the University of Maryland and a EdM in leadership from Georgia State University. Oveta loves GDS because of the ability to be creative with lessons and colleague collaboration.?


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Georgetown Day School is a coed, preK-12, non-sectarian private school in Washington, DC with small class sizes and a diverse school community. Our comprehensive, innovative curriculum includes hands-on learning, honors and AP classes, as well as advanced-level math and STEM courses. An education is not just college prep and SAT scores. GDS teachers focus on providing the best education for each child, from elementary grades through high school. The school performing arts program includes theater, dance, and music. The athletics program offers competitive sports for student athletes, including cross-country, track, soccer, lacrosse, and crew/rowing. With our strong commitment to financial aid, an independent school tuition is affordable.