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The Odyssey

by Mary Zimmerman
from Fitzgerald’s translation of Homer

“The greatest show in the sky, on the seas, even on earth with side trips to the Underworld,” says the New York Times of Zimmerman’s Odyssey.  Like Metamorphoses and Arabian Nights, both produced at 4200, one in a tent, one in a pool, the show, from Fitzgerald’s translation of Homer, is an amalgam of deep intelligence and wild imagination, an adaptation for contemporary audiences. The goddess Athena, a sort of punk rock puppeteer, conducts our journey. Along the way we meet Hermes on a bicycle, Menelaus and Helen (think Euro-trash), the Sirens (a teacher, girl scout, bride, nun) and SHEEP! Penelope waits at home, cleverly fending off the suitors’ advances. The show is accompanied by the music and dance of the Silk Road that Odysseus traveled, including BIG DRUMS and Samurai-like battles. The set includes screens, barricades, sails, and WATER.  

Appropriate for all ages, but recommended for 4th grade and older.      

Director:  Laura Rosberg
Technical Director:  Christal Boyd
Assistant to the Technical Director:  Becca Balton ‘10
Musicologist & Music Director:  Topher Dunne
Choreographer:  Maria Watson

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Box Seats—$20
Orchestra Seats—$15
Mezzanine Seats—$10
Faculty/Staff Mezzanine Seats—free, compliments of GDS (limit one per employee)

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Odysseus: Avram Shapiro ’24

Athena: Morgana Brand ’24

Penelope, Siren & Others: Rachel Schneider ’24

Telemachus & Others: Henry Cohen ’25

Zeus, Eumaeus & Others: Janel Butler-Roberts ’23

Suitor, Poseidon, Hermes & Others: Alessandro Alfandari ’25

Circe, Suitor, Siren, Helen & Others: Jacqueline Metzger ’23

Menelaus, Alcinous, Suitor, Laertes & Others: Wesley Brubaker

Muse, Calypso, Siren, Eurycleia & Others: Olivia Brown ’24

Nausicaa, Siren & Others: Posy Brown ’24

Suitor, Neoman & Others: Jacob Getlan ’23

Antinous, Cyclops & Others: Joshua Reynolds ’24

Siren & Others: Charlotte Green ’25

Suitor, Young Menelaus, Elpenor & Others: Caleb Murphy ’25

Proteus, Mentor & Others: EJ Mazo ’26

Multiple Roles: Ethan Farber ’26, Nura Idriss ’26, Max Stumpf ’24

Administrators   Designers & Heads

Stage Manager: Katie Young ’23
Assistant Stage Manager: Paige Young ’25
Producer and Musician: Jaia Wilensky ’23
Assistant Producer: Leia Levine ’25
House/Box Office Manager: Caleb Robinson ’25
Publisher: Nava Mach ’23
Costume Designers: Sophie Wohlstadter ’23, Posy Brown ’24
Costume Crew Heads: Ellie Schaffer ’25, Ava Ginsberg ’25
Set Designers: Tenaya Lin ’23, Maya Raman ’23
Set Crew Heads: Rasmus Byskov ’24, Hannah Kubler ’25 & Avery Ludlow ’24
Lights Designer: Grey Papageorgiou ’23
Lights Crew Head: Henry Mitchell ’24
Props and Puppet Designers: Xander Grunwaldt ’24, Isa Martorana ’24
Makeup Designers & Heads: Kate Toufanian ’25, Sophie Selfridge ’25
Sound/Fx Designer: Ian Rothfeld ’23
Sound/Fx Crew Head: Nora Schrag ’25
Technical Advisors: Becca Balton '02, Jacob Ali-Korde '22, Andy Derbyshire