keeping busy with children

For those looking for more, we are sharing this mix of hands-on, social, and external online engagement options curated by GDS staff. We encourage you to share photos/videos/screenshots of your family using these materials.
  • Participate in a contest or exposition (poetry, art, etc.)
  • Make a Goofy Exercise Video

  • Sibling Stories and Skits

  • What I did with my day (silly versions)

  • Record a “How to stay healthy” video

  • Send out polls to classmates (movies you are watching, types of books you are reading, how much time do you actually spend on homework, etc...). Send the results by emailing Danny to share with the GDS community.

  • Five To Thrive: (From You’ve Got This! The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself by Margie Wardell)
    Finish your day with 5 questions:
    - What did I do well today?
    - What am I grateful for?
    - What do I appreciate about myself?
    - What do I appreciate about you (your family, those you live with)
    - What did I learn today that will help me tomorrow?

  • Kids for Peace (Kindness Challenge) has a pledge and ideas for “spreading love”

  • Make a Zoom Mix: Connect with a random mix of classmates rather than just your closest friends. Screenshot or record a clip from your social time and share to Remember, we are stronger as a community when we connect across difference: people who think, present, and experience the world differently than we do.
  • Zoom Dance Party: Create a Spotify playlist and have a Zoom Dance party. Remember to record a clip to share with others not able to make it.

  • Try the Netflix Party Chrome Extension 

Curated by various GDS staff and recommended by GDS parents
Creativity Time with the Handwork Studio
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!
Famous Museums Virtual Tours 
Home Safaris with the Cincinnati Zoo
Vatican Tours
YoYo Ma's #SongsOfComfort
Boredom Busters from National Geographic
Summer Ideas for Families During COVID-19

Recommended by the 3rd grade team and Lower/Middle School Librarians. Please note: With likely increased screen time for distance learning, it will be valuable for students to spend time with physical books. Thanks to the LMS librarians for removing check-out limits and sending students home with some many books before school closed!

Recommended by Lower/Middle School art teacher Jenn Heffernan.
Rapid Fire Art: Step by Step advanced drawing tutorials
The Virtual Instructor
The Art Assignment
Alphonso Dunn
Draw with Jazza
Emmy Kalia

Recommended by Director of Student Life and Wellness Bobby Asher.
Free Educational Apps, Games, and Websites
Apps That Act Like Math and Science Tutors for Homework Help
6 Research-Backed Sites and Apps That Can Boost Your Kid's Report Card
17 Apps to Help Kids Stay Focused
Top Time-Management Apps
Video Games You Can Say Yes to After School
What to Ask When Your Kid Brings Home a School-Issued Laptop
Apps That Help Kids Learn a New Language
Poetry Books for Kids of All Ages 
Books About Coding for Kids
Sensory Activities with Kids