• Snow/
  • Emergency Policy

When there is a possibility of severely inclement weather or other emergency situation during the 2020–21 school year, weather-related school status will be posted at www.GDS.org and sent via email and OneCallNow to all parents, high school students, and faculty and staff.

A voice message will also be on the school main phones lines:
Lower/Middle School: 202-295-6200
High School: 202-274-3200

Messages and announcements about weather-related school status are posted on the school website and emailed by 6:30 a.m.
For 2020–21, on days when inclement weather dictates that we cannot open by our regular time, we will transition to GDS Virtual Campus for the school day. Should conditions allow, GDS will have one snow day with no school. For any snow days after that, we will hold school via GDS Virtual Campus.  Once the school is open, we do not close early for weather conditions, but parents may pick up their children early if they wish.