On August 6, DC released new quarantine guidelines following travel.
  • Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals should get a PCR test before departing, 3-5 days upon return, and continue to quarantine until day 7, even if you get a negative test for both international and domestic travel.
  • Vaccinated individuals do not need to test or quarantine following domestic travel but should get tested 3-5 days after returning from international travel. They do not need to quarantine unless they are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.
While GDS will not be requiring individuals to quarantine or test following travel, as this is no longer required by DC DOH, we do ask members of our community to mask when traveling and follow good safety protocols. If your child is experiencing symptoms of any kind or you feel that your unvaccinated child has participated in any high risk activities that might have led to close contact, please keep them home until a negative test is received. Learn more about DC DOH's travel guidelines.