Band, Chorus & Theater

We will follow many of the National Federation of State and High School Associations guidelines on performing arts including the following COVID-prevention strategies:

Protocols to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission:

  • Masks & covers 

  • Double layer masks or surgical masks (appropriate masking includes singers masks and slitted masks for instrument)

  • Bell covers on instruments  


  • 6-foot distance between performers

  • 10-foot distance between trombone or trumpet performers.  


  • 50-minute rehearsal limit indoors provided 

  • Space should be cleared for 15 minutes between classes/groups or minimum of one air change before next rehearsal period 

Air flow

  • Outdoors is best; open windows (at HS) and doors if indoors

  • Add additional or larger HEPA filtration units

  • Maximize air change rates 


  • Empty spit valves into buckets with alcohol solution

  • Wash hands frequently