For the start of the 2021-22 school year, GDS is prioritizing virtual or outdoor assemblies in the LMS while COVID cases in the region are high. Read more...


GDS will follow the DCSAA guidelines for athletics practices and competition as well as any ISL or MAC rules.

Auxiliary Programs/Extended Day

Our auxiliary programs will return to normal programming following the protocols and prevention measures named elsewhere.

Band, Chorus & Theater

We will follow many of the National Federation of State and High School Associations guidelines on performing arts. Read more.


Buses will return to full capacity and ridership (meaning less than 3' distancing between students). Masks will be required and windows will remain open except during extreme weather.


We continue to emphasize distancing during lunch and snack, with a goal of 6' between unvaccinated students when masks are off and 3' between vaccinated students. Students may eat in classrooms or hallways to allow adequate spacing. Guidance no longer requires single use packaging.

Distancing & Cohorting

When we can, we are encouraging 3’ of distancing, and we are emphasizing other mitigants such as masking. That said, we will strive to maintain distancing of 6’ where possible for unvaccinated individuals for lunch and snack as that is a high-risk time. We are not formally cohorting by class(es) this school year.

Field Trips (day only)

Limited local field trips will be allowed this year depending on case rates. Outdoor locations and locations involving extremely limited interaction with those outside of the school will be prioritized. Effective late fall, some indoor field trips will be permitted when 95% of a class or grade is vaccinated.

Getting to School

Our regular transportation agreements with the neighborhood are in effect and students in 2nd-12th grade must arrive via carpool, transit, bike, or foot unless provided with a distance exemption. With questions, email improvemycommute@gds.org.


Currently, we are allowing guests on campus, indoors. All visitors participating in on-campus events (games, outdoor gatherings, etc.) must be vaccinated. Read more »


Masks are required for everyone indoors, as well as outdoors for adults and students in the LMS division except while eating, drinking, or sleeping. Read more »

Overnight Trips

Limited high school overnight trips will be permitted. Outdoor locations with sufficient distancing, strong COVID-19 protocols, and limited interaction with those outside of the school will be prioritized. Student vaccination status will be a factor in decision-making.


We remind individuals to take personal responsibility and remain home if experiencing any illness or symptoms of COVID-19 via a weekly reminder notification.


GDS is currently requiring that all unvaccinated/partially vaccinated individuals in our community participate in weekly testing and that vaccinated students test biweekly (Note: Athletes may need to test weekly). Read more »


We are not requiring individuals to quarantine or test following travel. We do ask members of our community to mask when traveling and follow good safety protocols. Read more »


We require vaccination for all eligible community members age 12+ within 3 months of eligibility. We strongly encourage vaccination for those 5-11. Individuals should upload vaccination cards into Magnus. You may request a medical or religious exemption for truly held religious belief. Remaining unvaccinated may impact your child's programmatic experience. Read more »

Virtual Instruction

GDS is not providing synchronous virtual instruction for the 2021-22 school year. There may be exceptions to this for a whole class/grade in PK-6 who must quarantine/isolate or on a case-by-case basis when a teacher must quarantine or isolate (but not due to a positive test result). GDS will communicate directly with families when this is put into effect.

When to Stay Home

Stay home if you have new or unexplained symptoms, have been instructed to quarantine, or are awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test because of symptoms. Read more »