With input from trusted public health advisors and the full support of our Board of Trustees Executive Committee, we have approved a policy that requires all GDS faculty and staff and students over the age of 12 to be fully vaccinated against COVID for the 2021–22 school year.

Who Must Be Vaccinated

All students over the age of 12 and all school employees must be vaccinated by October 15, 2021, whether or not they have had COVID previously or tested positive for antibodies. This is a requirement for participation in school, as well as extracurricular and athletic activities.

Should vaccine authorization extend to students below age 12, the School will communicate then about any further vaccine requirements.

Options for Exemption

  • Exemptions may be granted for medical or religious reasons. Those seeking exemption (employees or students) should complete the appropriate form below by September 1, 2021 in order to be considered for exemption.
  • GDS will not be offering virtual learning for the 2021–22 school year.
  • For students who may be required to be out of school due to exposure or illness, your child’s division office, advisor/homeroom teacher, and the student support team will work with your family to support your child’s learning.
  • We ask families who do not wish to vaccinate their children and who are not allowed exemption reach out to Chris Levy, director of enrollment management and financial aid, to discuss options to withdraw before the start of the school year. 
  • During times of high viral transmission, unvaccinated students with approved religious and medical exemptions may not be allowed to participate in certain school activities, including high-contact sports (wrestling), playing wind instruments indoors, singing indoors, and participating in school trips. In addition, those eligible for vaccination who remain unvaccinated may be required to participate in weekly COVID testing at their own expense.

Positive Results from Community-wide Vaccination

Our hope is that vaccination will allow us to return to more normal schooling. When most of our community is fully vaccinated and following DC Department of Health policies, GDS will communicate more about the opportunities our students and employees may then enjoy. 

Vaccinated individuals automatically do not need to quarantine post-travel or close contact, nor will they have to participate in any GDS testing regimen.

Get Vaccinated

All DC, MD, and VA residents age 12+ are eligible for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Adults may also get the Moderna or J&J vaccine.

Use the CDC's Vaccines.gov site to find vaccination providers near you, such as pharmacies, hospitals, community vaccination and health centers, and physician offices. You can also text your zip code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233 to find locations near you.

Post Vaccination
Upload a copy of your child’s vaccination card to the immunization section of your child's Magnus Health account (access via the MyGDS Health resource board). 

Important Deadline

Eligible children (ages 12+) must be fully vaccinated by October 15. To be ready for the first day of school, the first Pfizer shot should be scheduled by August 5.

Schedule Now

From the CDC

Learn more about the different types of COVID-19 vaccines and how they work.

Join the Vaxxed Club

 94.8% of eligible GDS teachers are fully vaccinated! 98.1% of eligible GDS students are fully vaccinated!

Russell Shaw, Head of School
Cami Okubo, Lower School Principal
Chris Levy, Director of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid
Katie Gibson, High School Principal
Azureé Harrison, 2nd Grade Teacher
Vida Rivera, Middle School Office Manager
Bryan Williams, 5th Grade Teacher and Softball Coach
Peg Schultz, Lower School Physical Education Teacher
Andrew Berman, 1st Grade Teacher
Mary Petras, Middle School Math Teacher
Lauren Thompson, Middle School Math Teacher
Michelle McKeever, Admissions and Marketing Specialist
Danny Stock, Storyteller