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GDS 360 Chess Club
Session 3

Chess helps students problem solve and think strategically, and you’ll do just that during this class. Beginning players will learn the basics of different moves, while more advanced players will hone their strategy and critical thinking skills. Chess has been proven to improve concentration, patience, cognitive development, critical thinking, and the ability to make strategic decisions when under pressure. 

Learning Goal: 1) Beginners will be able to identify each chess piece and the way it can move. They will be able to articulate why they are using each piece throughout a game.  2) Advanced players will be able to identify the strategic moves they are making and articulate the reasons for those moves.

Demonstration of Mastery: Students will participate in a chess tournament on a Saturday in December season.  

Instructor: Griot Academy Staff

All grades
Time: 4-5pm
Dates: Wednesdays starting November 4 to December 16

All grades
Time: 5-6pm
Dates: Thursdays starting November 5 to December 17

All grades
**90 minutes**
Time: 4-5:30pm
Dates: Fridays starting November 6 and ending on December 18

  • Fridays
  • Thursdays
  • Wednesdays

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"Jessica" Hortman

"Jessica" Hortman

Director of GDS 360

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