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We will provide targeted resources and tips most relevant to the needs of GDS families as they navigate GDS Virtual Campus. Families, please continue to contact your child(ren)’s teachers and/or advisors if you need technology support at home; they will coordinate with GDS Tech Team to provide that support. View the specific GDS-made starter resources and troubleshooting tips below.
Distance Learning Apps

Main LMS Apps

Classroom Apps
*Classroom apps are chosen based on instructional need, you may use any of the apps listed below.

  • Wevideo (4–8) 
  • iMovie (PK–3)
  • Flipgrid (PK–8) 
  • Kahoot (PK–8)
  • Padlet (PK–8) 
  • Peardeck (PK–8)

September Hack of the Month

If you want to share audio through Zoom, make sure to try it out beforehand because it may need to install drivers on your computer. Then, always send your audio over at a lower volume than the participant volume—this way you can still hear questions and feedback from them and they can adjust the overall volume of their own device.

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Meet the Virtual Campus Tech Team

"Tim" Lyons

Director of Innovation & Technology

"Tuan" Nguyen

High School Technology Specialist; High School Studio Arts Teacher

"Elvin" Peprah

Lower School Computer Science Teacher, GDS 360 Staff

"Elvina" Tong

Lower/Middle School Innovation & Computer Science Teacher