As we have contemplated our return to campus amidst COVID-19, GDS has been informed by science and data, keeping the health of our entire community at the forefront of our minds.
A growing body of research from schools locally and nationally, along with our own phased reopening and safety measures, have made us confident that our students can safely be back on campus for indoor, in person instruction when our decision making matrix and operating statuses support it.

What Does In-Person Instruction Look Like

Happy HS students physically distanced on the field

Families may opt into in person, indoor instruction. It is important to acknowledge that we won’t be returning to school as we knew it. The entire way of being in a classroom and in school has been adjusted to meet health and safety guidelines.

We are using a "HyFlex" model, meaning that our teachers can concurrently teach live lessons to some students in person while others are home learning virtually. All of our teaching spaces are equipped with technology that allow teachers to interact with both groups of students, including in-class cameras and microphones so that at-home students are able to see and hear what’s happening in the classroom and participate. All students will have access to the educational experience they have come to know from GDS, whether in-person or virtual.

Students who opt into being on campus will be expected to wear masks at all times (except while eating), maintain physical distance at all times, and wash or sanitize hands regularly. Teachers will be following the same rules and reminding students often of their community commitments.

How Might Our Plans Change

Part of our work is to stay current with both research and public health trends and adjust our approach as necessary. All of our plans for in-person instruction are contingent on regional public health. Any meaningful change in COVID-19 cases locally or within the GDS community will necessitate our return to GDS Virtual Campus. We fully expect that we will need to pivot back and forth between virtual and in-person instruction for the remainder of this school year.