GDS Stories

GDS Stories is a community podcast conversation collection aimed at recording and preserving the stories of Georgetown Day School, illuminating the history, culture, and enduring mission of our school—all in preparation for celebrating our 75th anniversary!

We had hoped to record many of these stories in person, including during April’s All-Alumni Weekend and special recording dates. However, we are gathering stories now, despite—and perhaps also in response to—the challenges our planet now faces. We invite you to follow the simple steps below to contribute. Please submit your GDS story by August 15, 2020.

1. Choose your storytelling partner. The following combinations can provide for rich storytelling experiences.

  • Alum & a beloved teacher
  • Parent & Senior
  • HS sibling & LS or MS sibling
  • Alum Grandparent & Alum
  • Teacher to Teacher
  • Current student & Alum

2. Identify your stories. GDS Stories aims to capture the essence of GDS in short story form; rather than long conversations, we hope to present two-minute exchanges around a meaningful story. Plan ahead for the memorable story you want to recount together with your storytelling partner. You can take turns interviewing or tell the same story together from your two perspectives.

3. Prepare devices for recording. You'll each need two devices (if you are not in the same home): a computer and a phone, two phones (landline and mobile), or some other combination. You'll need to prepare a recording app. On a mobile phone, you can either use the pre-loaded voice recording app (Apple devices are quite good) or download a (free) app such as “VoiceRecorder.” On a computer, you can make an audio recording with Quicktime Player (File > New Audio Recording). Finally, if calling each other by video chat from a device (e.g. Zoom from computer), you'll need to wear headphones so your recording device only captures your voice (we'll combine the two recordings later).

4. Begin recording. Call your storytelling partner, and once you are comfortable on the call, begin recording on both devices (ideally press record at the same time). Follow these steps:

5. Share your recordings! Email them Reach out if you need help sending in your audio files.

So far, we have recorded some great conversations! We have a dialogue between two students from the very first GDS class: Judith "Miss Manners" Martin and Arthur Goldschmidt. We have a dialogue between fourth GDS Head of School Peter Branch and current Head of School Russell Shaw. And many more to come, to be shared next school year in celebration of our 75th anniversary!

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First class of GDS students Judith Martin (AKA "Miss Manners") and Arthur Goldschmidt record with Associate Head of School Kevin Barr.


Fourth Head of School Peter Branch records with current Head of School Russell Shaw.


First class of GDS students Judith Martin (AKA "Miss Manners") and Arthur Goldschmidt remember old classmates.