We invite you to begin your virtual on-demand visit with a welcome from Head of School Russell Shaw. Next, scroll down for delightful greetings and messages from your grandchildren or special friends as well as their classmates. Then, hear what GDS students have to say about what things they treasure most at school. Further down, please enjoy a select mix of performing and visual arts treats. Finally, get a glimpse into some of the other ways GDS students are thriving on our unified campus. Please consider making a gift to GDS today, and help us continue providing many more cherished experiences for our students. Have a wonderful day!

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A Message from Russell Shaw

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GDS Head of School

Greetings from the students!

Lower School

Middle School

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High School

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For the Love of GDS

What do you treasure at GDS?

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And where do you experience that?

Make a gift today—

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Performing and Visual Arts

"Go Down, Moses"

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Middle School Passover Assembly

Peace Blessing

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Wishing you a peaceful day!

Vine and Fig Tree

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Lower School Passover Assembly

Visual Arts Gallery

A Lower/Middle School collection

"Fragility" by 8th grade

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Middle School Dance Showcase

GDS Jazz at Blues Alley DC

HS Jazz and Creative Music

Around Campus

Athletics Highlights

Go, Hoppers!

From the Hopper Effect

Learning How to Read...
and How to Be Kind

Middle School STEAM Day

A full day of workshops!