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Unfinished Business: Gender Equality in the 21st Century

GDS hosted a powerful evening with four leaders in the women's rights movement to discuss the future of gender justice in the United States and around the world. This discussion of intersectional feminism in the 21st century addressed: How will women continue to make gains in political power, economic opportunity, and representation? Has COVID-19 irreparably damaged women's progress in the workplace? What's next for the #MeToo campaign? And how will the Biden Administration advance gender justice through U.S. domestic and foreign policy?


  • Jennifer Klein, the new co-chair of the White House Gender Policy Council in the Biden Administration;
  • Soraya Chemaly, writer and executive director of The Representation Project; and
  • Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center.

This event was moderated by Rachel Vogelstein, Georgetown professor and director of the women and foreign policy program at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Thursday, March 11
7:00 PM via Zoom 

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The event recording is available for viewing by members of the GDS community. Please note that the event was private for the GDS community and guests were asked to refrain from recording or otherwise using the content in this evening’s talk in any public forum. This school recording is also intended for members of the GDS community only.