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The Art of Filmmaking
May 21, 2020, 4:30 PM — Join Sean Fine '92 and Andrea Nix Fine as they discuss how to use film and storytelling to effect change and create social impact. What makes a good story? How do filmmakers tell that story and grab an audience’s attention?

Sean and Andrea will share insight on their approach to the filmmaking process, including storytelling, documentary filmmaking, and cinematography. As an Oscar-winning director, Andrea represents a minority group of directors. She will share her vision for opportunities as a woman filmmaker and her passion to inspire the next generation of women to enter the field.

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Sean Fine '92 and Andrea Nix Fine are Oscar, Emmy, and Peabody award-winning filmmakers. Critics have hailed their unique storytelling style as “unflinching,” “spirit-raising,” and “visually ravishing.” The Fines’ filmmaking collaboration started when they met while making films for National Geographic. In 2003, they married and started directing together. Additionally, Andrea is the writer, and Sean is the cinematographer on all their films.