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Navigating Employment
Thinking strategically about your career is important all the time, and even more so now. There are ways to take control of your career, path, and success—even while working from home in mismatched socks.

Join Julie to learn steps you can take now to safeguard your success and build toward your next career chapter (perhaps the one you've been dreaming about but thought was out of reach even before this pandemic).


As GDS Hoppers, we innately expect a lot from ourselves and from others, and during this time of global crisis, trying to find a balance and calibrate those expectations can be a challenge. Whether you’re navigating a solo practice, working as part of a conglomerate, trying to grow in a firm, figuring out if this is a terrible time to seek a promotion, or were hoping to launch a new business, candid conversations and a solid framework can help.

Julie Fanburg, CEO, founded Nerd Up in January 2000 after years of cutting her HR and Recruitment chops in the corporate, agency, and government contracting worlds. The more she experienced impersonal, cookie-cutter approaches to staffing, the more certain she was that for all things recruiting, hiring, and career matchmaking, there had to be a better way. So, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, she went out and built it: Nerd Up! Over time, happy clients referred their friends and family for career coaching, job strategy, and resume writing — and to answer that call she also founded Career Me Up® to provide confidential, effective, and far-from-cookie-cutter career help.

Julie is sought after as a tenacious headhunter who can find the elusive purple unicorn who is the ideal fit for the highest performing startup, technology, and corporate teams of all sizes, and as the career designer who listens with genuine care to help her clients identify, develop, tailor, target, and nail it—whatever the next "just right for them" step or stage is.