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How to Minimize Back Pain & Maximize Function
The number one physical medicine diagnosis in the United States is back pain, with about 80% of adults experiencing low back pain at some point in their lives. And that number is on the rise in America, especially for adult women. More than one in three adults say back pain negatively impacts their everyday activities, including sleep, and many believe stress has a major impact on their pain. What is behind this musculoskeletal epidemic? In this presentation, Dr. Mark Klaiman* and Adam Gershowitz, DPT, will discuss major causes of low back pain and current treatment modalities, and offer advice on ways to not only manage, but prevent back pain through a healthy lifestyle approach.
Topics covered include:
  • The anatomy and physiology of the spine and back
  • Types of back pain - chronic vs acute
  • Posture and its significance for back health
  • Healthy body mechanics and proper ergonomics for activities of daily living
  • Beneficial spinal and leg exercises for core stability and strength
  • Strategies for managing back pain, from traditional to more alternative
  • Ways to prevent back injuries through exercise and yoga, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and stress management and breathing techniques
*Spouse of GDS Lower School learning specialist Lynn Klaiman.