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Advocacy Through Music and Poetry

From the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War, to the fights for women’s and LGBTQ equality, music and poetry have been an integral part of every social justice movement. Inspiring us to act, artists have worked side by side with movement leaders throughout history to paint the picture and provide the soundtrack of our lived reality. Watch our GDS Presents recording as we explored the relationship between music, poetry, and social justice. 


  • Jon Bibbs, singer-songwriter, educator, and community leader
  • Cliff Coates, GDS High School history teacher and spoken word poet
  • Rashawana, singer and poet 
  • Sekou Andrews ’90, world's leading poetic voice

Moderated by Adrian Loving, GDS studio arts teacher, contemporary art and music historian, visual artist, DJ, and entrepreneur.

May 20, 2021
7:00 PM

Watch the Recording