Giving back and staying connected to the GDS community is now easier than ever. Choose your preferred bundle to get started today. One hour each month is all that it takes!

Embracing the Hopper spirit means unleashing the power of giving back! Imagine a whirlwind of impact that takes just one hour a month―that's the magic of Micro-Volunteering at its finest! Picture this: you, our incredible alumni, dedicating a tiny slice of your month to help cultivate joy and help fellow graduates and current students. It's not just any hour; it's an hour that leaves a lasting mark on the GDS community. Through sharing stories in bite-sized snippets, captivating photos, and engaging responses to prompts, you're helping curate an assortment of advice and reflections that spans 4-6 sentences or 125 words. It's not just volunteering; it is advancing the GDS mission of preparing students to make impactful change in the world , and a showcase of the incredible impact our alumni are creating in communities. So, are you ready to dive into the joy of making a difference, one hour at a time? 

Advice, reflections, and photos will be collected by GDS and may be shared with the community at large.

All active participants will receive an annual gift from GDS.