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Tracey Pyles '82

Maasai Girls Education Fund

Tracey describes herself as a “proud GDS alumnus,” although she attended GDS for only two years, 1978-1980. She appreciates "GDS and all it stood for back then and still stands for today." She has a varied background: humpback whale and sea turtle research in the 80s; international work as an interpreter for the State Department in the 90s; medical school and Emergency Medicine in the 2000s; and now a continuation of medicine including travel to Haiti during the immediate post-earthquake period, and to Nepal and Mexico.

The passing of her mother in 2013 precipitated her inheriting the honor of running the Maasai Girls Education Fund in Kenya. Tracey currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Massai Girls Education Fund whose mission statement is: To improve the literacy, health and economic well being of Maasai women and their families in Kenya through the education of girls and their communities.

Their goal is “to increase enrollment of Maasai girls in Kenya, reduce the dropout rate, and support every student until they have the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in Kenya. Our work involves a long-term commitment to each of our students. Our success is measured by how many scholarship students complete their education and are prepared for a job in Kenya.”
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