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Sarah Rosenbloom '93

Founder, Toa Nafasi Project

The Toa Nafasi Project—meaning provide a chance in Swahili—is a grassroots educational organization incorporated in the United States and operating in Moshi Municipal District, Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. The program works within the existing public (government) primary school system, where the majority of children are enrolled. The Project provides a unique and innovative approach to support the needs of Standard (Grade) One students with learning difficulties so that they may overcome them and continue their studies.

In 2007, Sarah went to Tanzania to be a short-term volunteer primary school teacher. She was troubled to see a number of students writing backward or upside-down, in both literacy and numeracy exercises. They could not figure out what they were doing wrong, and their teachers were at a loss to help them. Acutely aware of the educational benefits she had received at GDS and later in college, Sarah knew that children who struggle at such an early stage in their education are at significant risk of never catching up, dropping out early, and/or having limited work and life opportunities.

After several years of researching, networking, and planning, in 2012, Sarah founded The Toa Nafasi Project as a grassroots educational program that supports the needs of Standard (Grade) One students with different learning styles. With the GDS model in mind, she sought to create safe space, where differences are respected, inclusion embraced, and every student in the classroom has an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of learning style.
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