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Corinna is a conservation scientist with The Nature Conservancy’s Wyoming chapter, where she leads a variety of research projects aimed at better informing land management and conservation practices. 

Before living in Wyoming, she lived in Kenya for eight years and before that South Africa. She enjoys living and working in places like Wyoming and Kenya, where there is a ton of wildlife. Wyoming is home to some of the most intact and longest migrations of mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and elk. One of her major research areas is understanding how roads and traffic impede these migrations—and what we can do to make roads easier for animals to cross. She is also working to find better ways to restore wildlife habitat in Wyoming’s extensive abandoned mine lands. She continues to work in Kenya, studying how an invasive ant species is unraveling an ecosystem that supports elephants, rhinos, lions, and more. 

Her work has been featured in The New York Times and NPR's Science Friday and Here and Now.She is even more proud to see her research findings leading to actual conservation actions on the ground. 

Corinna received her B.S. in environmental science at Brown University and a Fulbright fellowship to South Africa. She received her Ph.D. from UC Davis while also doing fieldwork in Kenya. 

At GDS, she played volleyball and softball, and she enjoyed being part of these teams under the mentorship of Vinny Cousieneau and Karen Epstein. She wrote for and later became editor-in-chief of The Augur Bit. Andrea Hoffman and Bobby Asher were two teachers who particularly shaped her GDS life—she remembers writing her FREP for Bobby’s world history class on African wildlife conservation.

"I am deeply grateful to all of my GDS teachers, over all 13 years I was there, for nurturing my curiosity and thirst to learn new things, for teaching me to write and communicate effectively, and for instilling values of hard work and respect for the world around us."

She lives in Lander, WY with her husband and two little boys.

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