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Our Mission

The mission of the Georgetown Day School Athletic Program is to provide athletes with the opportunity to electively represent the school and compete interscholastically in a wide variety of sports. It is our hope that each athlete will experience the challenges and triumphs that are unique to sports. GDS athletics provide a supportive atmosphere in which coaches challenge the intellectual and physical abilities of our athletes, foster strength of character, and encourage concern for others. It is our goal that the athletic experience of each student will be framed within a context that instills self-discipline, dedication, pride in performance, respect for others, and a lifelong love of sport.

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Our Vision

Athletics at Georgetown Day School are an integral part of the educational experience. All students are encouraged to participate in the athletic program at the level most challenging to them. The goals of the athletic program are as follows:
  • to field competitive teams within the Independent School League (ISL) and the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAC) that bring pride to the GDS community
  • to develop the ability to set realistic but challenging individual and team goals
  • to develop respect and appreciation for self, teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials
  • to develop self-discipline and a commitment to personal and team excellence
  • to exhibit good sportsmanship at all athletic contests
  • to have an aligned 7th– 12th-grade athletic program
  • to be a part of the GDS community
  • to balance athletics with academics


High School teams at GDS compete in two organized leagues: the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference and the Independent School League. GDS also competes independently to satisfy the needs of each team and its members.

ISL: Independent School League

The women’s athletic teams compete in the ISL. The ISL provides female students at member schools with an outstanding athletic experience through structured league play; recognizes individual and team accomplishments; and promotes sportsmanship, good will, and healthy rivalries among member schools and their athletes.

MAC: Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference

The men’s athletic teams compete in the MAC. The primary purpose of the MAC member institutions is to support the academic and personal growth of the students. Therefore, the MAC places the highest emphasis on sportsmanship, mutual respect, and adherence to fair play


  • 2023 ISL Cross Country Champions
  • 2023 MAC Track & Field Champions
  • 2023 MAC Wrestling Champions
  • 2022 DC State Volleyball Champions
  • 2022 DC State Class A Girls Basketball Champions
  • 2022 ISL Division A Basketball Co-Champions
  • 2022 MAC Wrestling Champions
  • 2022 ISL Division A Soccer Champions
  • 2022 ISL Cross Country Champions
  • 2021 MAC Cross Country Champions
  • 2019 ISL Division AA Soccer Co-Champions
  • 2019 ISL Division A Softball Co-Champions
  • 2019 ISL Division A Softball Season Champions
  • 2019 WMIRA Novice Crew Champions
  • 2018 ISL Division A Softball Co-Champions
  • 2017 MAC Soccer Co-Champions
  • 2017 ISL Division A Volleyball Co-Champions
  • 2017 ISL Divison A Soccer Co-Champions
  • 2016 DCSAA State Champions Boys' Outdoor Track
  • 2016 DCSAA State Champions Girls' Outdoor Track
  • 2015 Gary T. Blackman Sportsmanship Award
  • 2015 DCSAA State Champions Boys' Outdoor Track
  • 2015 DCSAA State Champions Girls Cross Country
  • 2015 MAC Track & Field Champions
  • 2015 ISL Cross Country Champions

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Meet the Team

David Gillespie

Athletic Director

Veronica Ampey

High School Athletic Trainer

Derek Brunn

Sports Information and Operations Manager

Pam Stanfield

Associate Athletic Director, Athletics Coach