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Winter One Acts 2023

The One Acts Festival offers more than 30 acting opportunities and countless design and admin responsibilities—and it’s all student-directed and -managed. This is a great way to get your feet wet, flex your muscles, run it up the flagpole, and try theater on for size!

This year, we present eight shows, from original scripts to a mini-musical, directed by juniors and seniors who vie for the position and take a series of Directing Workshops simultaneously. The festival is run by student production coordinator Jaia Wilensky ’23 and producer Elly Robinson '23.

Faculty Advisor: Laura Rosberg
Technical Advisor: Christal Boyd
Assistant Technical Advisor: Becca Balton '14

Student Production Coordinator: Jaia Wilensky ’23
Producer and House Manager: Elly Robinson ’22
Program Designer: Nava Mach ’23
Directors: Maresca Brand '14, Katie Young '23, Edie Carey '23, Nava Mach '23, Lauren Petrilla '23, Wesley Brubaker '23, Avram Shapiro '24, Izzy Auerswald '23
Stage Managers: Cece Gann '25, Leia Levine '25, Maya Raman '23, Waleed Saleh '23, Ian Rothfeld '23, Paige Young '25, Lucy Mezey '23

Lights Designer: Caleb Robinson ’25
Lights Head: Khari Bell '25
Lights Crew: Noah Cheeks ’25, Mad Lee '26
Sound Head/Designer:  Ella Lay ’25
Sound Crew:  Sofia Moen ’25, Kavi Grab ’25
Scenic Designers: Avery Ludlow '24, Margaret Blomstrom '24
Scenic Head: Sotiria Jackson ’24 
Scenic Crew:  Quinn Magnell '26, Quinn Shields '26, Zoya Mghenyi '26, Alex Rohrbaugh '26, Ben Bellavia-Cortezi '26, Sai Debgupta '26, Lina Colla '26, Alex Wood '23



Show running time:
2 Hours, 15 Minutes
(with 10-min. intermission)

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Behind the Scenes

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Olivia Brown '24 and Cole Huh '24 rehearse %22Sure Thing%22 directed by Izzy Auerswald '23.

Olivia Brown '24 and Cole Huh '24 rehearse "Sure Thing" directed by Izzy Auerswald '23.

%22Corybungus%22 directed by Nava Mach '23 and Lauren Petrilla '23.

"Corybungus" directed by Nava Mach '23 and Lauren Petrilla '23.