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  • Winter
  • One Acts Festival
Winter One Acts 2024 poster

The One Acts Festival offers more than 30 acting opportunities and countless design and admin responsibilities—and it’s all student-directed and -managed. This is a great way to get your feet wet, flex your muscles, run it up the flagpole, and try theater on for size!

This year, enjoy six brilliant comedies presented by six brilliant directing teams, casts and crews. This season’s Winter One Acts Play Festival will have you laughing the entire evening. Come experience the work of our student directors, actors, stage managers, and crews!

Faculty Advisor: János Szász
Technical Advisor: Christal Boyd
Student Production Coordinators: Leia Levine ‘25, Avery Ludlow ‘24

Scenic Crew: Lina Colla ‘26, Zoya Mghenyi ‘26, Alex Rohrbaugh ‘26
Lighting Crew: Noah Cheeks ‘25, Caleb Robinson ‘25
Sound Crew: Noah Spector ‘25, Ella Lay ‘25

Check Please by Jonathan Rand

Director: Joshua Reynolds ‘24
Stage Manager: Leia Levine ‘25
Cast: Sosi Audain’ 26, Ashwin Colby ‘25, Lila Davies ;27, Alexa Gillespie ‘25, Avram Shapiro ‘24  

Actor's Nightmare by Christopher Durang

Director: Morgana Brand ‘24
Stage Manager: Xander Grunwaldt ‘24
Cast: Milos Eilperin Light ‘27,Ethan Farber ‘26, Ella Heist ‘24, Mad Lee .26, Max Stumpf ‘24

Business Lunch at the Russian Tea Room by Christopher Durang

Director: Posy Brown ‘24
Stage Manager: Paige Young ‘25
Cast: Henry Cohen ‘25, Aymaan Enayetullah ‘25, Kavi Grab ‘25, Viktor Hall ‘27, Caleb Murphy ‘25, Ivy Sand ‘26    

Centralia Love by Henry Cohen and Margaret Blomstrom 

Directors: Margaret Blomstrom ‘24 and Henry Sims Cohen ‘25
Stage Manager: Anna Belber ‘24
Cast: Alessandro Alfandari ‘25, Charlotte Green ‘25, Darwin Gu ‘25, Sotiria Jackson’24, EJ Mazo ‘26, Finley Meyer ‘26, Caitlyn Quint ‘26, Natasha Rubinson ‘26, Rachel Schneider ‘24

Prince Charming’s Complaint- by Bruce Kane 

Director: Olivia Brown ‘24
Stage Manager: Ellie Kessler ‘24
Cast: Avery Brown ‘24, Lina Fawaz ‘24, Ava Ginsberg’25, Cole Huh ‘24, Joseph Stocker ‘24

Attention Detention by Bradley Hayward 

Directors: Hannah Brickman ‘25 and Hannah Wiener ‘25
Stage Manager: Sofia Moen ‘25
Cast: Sophia Ades ‘25, Logan Brown ‘27, Ava Hall ‘25, Bijan Luke Hollinger ‘25, Sam Pastreich ‘25, Ellie Schaffer ‘25, Sara Swamy ‘25




Show running time:
2 Hours
(with 15-min. intermission)

Intermission will take place after the third show.