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Poster for HS Spring Musical 2023, Oliver!

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Lionel Bart’s adaptation of Dickens’ Oliver Twist not only won a Tony and an Olivier, but it is also one of the few movie musicals to win an Oscar for Best Picture.  Audiences, critics and theater people alike call it a masterpiece. Full of classic charactersOliver, Dodger, Fagin, Nancy, Sikes and more; classic sitesthe Thieves Lair, City Streets, the Bridge; classic songs"Food, Glorious Food,” “Consider Yourself at Home,” “Who Will Buy.” Oliver is a joyous, heart-warming, and thrilling experience.

What is Oliver about? It’s an age-old story. It’s about homeless, vulnerable kids in the underbelly of a major metropolis. They are taken advantage of by scheming adults. They yearn for a loving home. The story is universal. It could be San Francisco during the Great Depression.  It could be Ellis Island at the turn of the last century. It could be boats off the coast of Naples or trucks from Calais to Dover today.  

And so, we came to “Oliver with a Twist”!  It’s not Victorian England, but 1890 in the New York tenements. The Kids are all ages and identities. The Guvs are the Trustees of a Parochial Workhouse. The spirit of choice is rum, not gin. Oliver is sold for bucks, not pounds. The bridge on which Nancy is murdered is the Brooklyn Bridge, not London Bridge. Designers, particularly Sets and Costumes, were inspired by Jacob Riis’ “How the Other Half Lives: Photos and Studies Among the Tenements of New York”.

A reminder that the show is unnerving at times and may not be for all ages. We see abuse, punitive justice, and abduction. We encounter racial stereotyping. We experience characters who are ill with depression. We use props such as guns. And, we encounter optimism, joy, and kindness. Nancy sings “It’s a Fine Life” and Dodger and Company tell Oliver to “Consider Yourself at Home.” Great songs and dance, great production values galore. Don’t miss out!


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Performance Dates

  • Friday, April 21, 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, April 22, 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, April 23, 2:00 PM
  • Thursday, April 27, 7:30 PM
  • Friday, April 28, 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, April 29, 5:00 PM

Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes with intermission. Reserved seating.

Directors, Producers, and Managers

Music Director: JASON STRUNK
Technical Director: CHRISTAL BOYD
Choreographer: MARIA WATSON
Assistant Technical Director: BECCA BALTON
Orchestra Captain: TOPHER DUNNE


Oliver - Posy Brown ‘24
Artful Dodger - Izzy Auerswald ‘23
Charley - Shanwai Lin ‘25
Fagin’s Kids - Nura Idriss ’26, Olivia Brown ’24, Caitlyn Quint ’26, Alessandro Alfandari ‘25
Fagin - Avram Shapiro ‘24

Trustees (Guvs) - Aymaan Enayetullah ‘25, Janel Butler Roberts ’23, Henry Cohen ‘25
Nancy - Rachel Schneider ‘24
Bet - Ava Hall ‘25
Sikes - Wes Brubaker ‘23
Bar Chairman - Aymaan Enayetullah ‘25

Mr. Bumble - Josh Reynolds ‘24
Widow Corney - Ava Blum ‘23
Matron - Charlotte Green ‘25
Sally - Eliana Green ‘25
Mr. Sowerberry - Aymaan Enayetullah ‘25
Mrs. Sowerberry - Janel Butler Roberts ‘23
Charlotte - Olivia Brown ‘24
Noah Claypole - Henry Cohen ‘25 

Mr. Brownlow - Henry Cohen ‘25
Dr. Grimwig - Quinn Shields ‘26
Mrs. Bedwin - Ava Hall ‘25

Pushcart Peddlers:
:  Olivia Brown ’24
Strawberries:  Ava Blum ‘23
Knife Sharpner:  Josh Reynolds ‘26
Milkmaid:  Janel Butler-Roberts ‘23
Cop - Quinn Shields ‘26

EJ Mazo ’26, Ethan Farber ’26, Sophia Ades ’25

Jacob Getlan '23, Caleb Murphy ’25, Jacqueline Metzger ‘23, Russell Shaw

Dance Captain: 
Ava Hall '25





Administrators, Designers & Heads

Stage Manager
Katie Young ‘23

Assistant Stage Manager
Leia Levine ‘25

Set Designers
Maya Raman ‘23
Tenaya Lin ‘23

Sets Crew Heads
Margaret Blomstrom ‘24
Rasmus Byskov ‘24
Avery Ludlow ‘24

Lighting Designers
Grey Papageorgiou ‘23
Henry Mitchell ‘24

Lighting Crew Heads
Caleb Robinson ‘25
Khari Bell ‘25

Sound & FX Designer
Ian Rothfeld ‘23

Sound & FX Crew Heads
Sofia Moen ‘25
Nora Schrag ‘25

Props Designers/Crew Heads
Xander Grunwaldt ‘24
Isa Martorana ‘24

Costume Designers
Sophie Wohlstadter ‘23
Posy Brown ‘24

Costume Crew Heads
Ava Ginsberg ‘25
Ellie Schaffer ‘25

Makeup Designers
Kate Toufanian ‘25
Paige Young ‘25

Makeup Crew Heads
Finley Meyer ‘26
Tatum Mach ‘26

Jaia Wilensky ‘23

Assistant Producer
Josh Reynolds ‘24

Nava Mach ‘23

Assistant Publishers
Lina Colla ‘26
Alex Rohrbaugh ‘26

Box Office & House Manager
Morgana Brand ‘24