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Spring Awakening

Poster of male and female silhouettes standing on flowers and holding hands

Spring Awakening is a rock musical with music by Duncan Sheik and a book and lyrics by Steven Sater. It is based on the 1891 German play Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind. Set in late 19th-century Germany, the musical tells the story of teenagers discovering the inner and outer tumult of adolescent sexuality.

At the May 21 premiere, Spring Awakening was introduced by the directors, and the audience had the chance to meet the designer, technicians, and actors.
Director: Laura Rosberg
Music Director: Jason Strunk
Technical Director: Christal Boyd
Choreographer: Maria Watson
Filmmaker: Topher Dunne
Stage Manager: Nick Moen '19

Makeup Workshop: Anike Oliver

On a cautionary note, the show includes different types of physical and emotional abuse. Families—particularly those with children younger than 8th grade—are cautioned to be aware that the show alludes to sex and also, more explicitly, illustrates both inappropriately sexual and abusive, damaging human relationships. Thus, these topics may be triggering for different members of the community and may preclude attendance at the premiere. Read more »

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Tickets are $5 per household; GDS students who worked on the musical as well as GDS faculty/staff can receive one complementary ticket.

Recommended for 8th grade and older due to sexually explicit content.


Wendla—Caleigh Vergeer ‘21
Martha—Jacqueline Metzger-Taylor ‘23
Thea—Indira Issatayeva ‘24                
Anna—Felicia Paul ‘22
Ilse—Izzy Auerswald ‘23
Melchior—Julian Galkin ‘22
Moritz—Elias Rodriguez ‘22
Hanschen—Eli Faber ‘22
Ernst—Max Grosman ‘22
Georg—Aidan Kohn-Murphy ‘22
Otto—Noah Freedman ‘22
Frau Gabor—Rachel Schneider ’24

Stella Tongour ’22—Frau Bessell, Reform School Boy, Piano Teacher Grossebustenhalter
Leila Jackson ’22—Frau Bergman, Reform School Boy
Elana Spector ’22—Fraulein Knuppeldick Assistant to Headmaster, Reform School Boy
Mateo Brown ’21—Herr Knochenbruch Headmaster, Reform School Boy, Herr Rilow      
Elliot Oppenheim ’21—Doctor von Brausepulver, Father Kaulbach, Reform School Boy
Bryce Savoy ’21—Herr Sonnenstich the Teacher, Herr Steifel
Wes Brubaker ’23—Herr Newmann, Herr Gabor, Schmidt the Abortionist

Administrators, Designers & Crew

Producer: Katie Young '23
Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Young '23
Poster: Ava Blum '23
Costumes: Eve Kolker '22 & Miriam Akhmetshin '22
Sets: Emmett Freeman '21 & Nic Moiseyev '21
Lights: Ben Adomaitis '21 & Harrison Lundy '21
Props: Celia Johnson '21
Sound: Noah Abramson '21 & Aden Sheingold '22
Sound Mixing: Eli Faber '22
Makeup: Ryan Schnell '21

Behind the Scenes

For the safety of our community, all performers are wearing clear masks.

Photo by Christal Boyd