The Fall Show

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  • Metamorphoses

    By Mary Zimmerman, based on D.R. Slavitt's translation of The Metamorphoses of Ovid

    Ovid’s tales of love, loss, and transformation. Set in and around a large pool of water, illuminated by fire and enveloped in mist, the play juxtaposes the ancient and contemporary in language and image. It is funny and achingly sorrowful at the same time. The play received 2002 Tony Award nominations for Best Scenic Design and Best Play and was the Tony Award winner for Best Direction.

    Directed by Laura Rosberg
    Technical Director: Christal Boyd
    Choreographer: Maria Watson
    Musicologist: Topher Dunne

    Guest Artists:
    Jordan Friend, Viewpoints
    Erica Carlson, Ovid as Politician

    Recommended for 6th grade and older. Contains some violence and sexual allusion. (The Gods are not nice!)

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  • Performance Dates

    Friday, November 9 @ 7:30 PM
    Saturday, November 10 @ 7:00 PM
    Thursday, November 15 @ 7:30 PM
    Friday, November 16 @ 7:30 PM
    Saturday, November 17 @7:00 PM

    Show runs 90 minutes without an intermission.

On Set

Cast of

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  • Metamorphoses

    Jamie Hedlund ’19: Zeus, Erysichthon, Apollo & Narrator
    Brion Whyte ’19: Midas, Poseidon, Cinyras & Narrator
    Shira Minsk ’19: Midas’ Daughter, Pomona
    Bryce Savoy ’21: Midas’ Servant, Eros, Sailor, Singer, Tree
    Mihir Kesavan ’21: Silenus, Ceyx, Orpheus, Philemon
    Cole Wright-Schaner ’19: Bacchus, Buyer, Hades, Phaeton, Poseidon’s Henchman
    Gigi Silla ’20: Alcyone, Ceres, Myrrha’s Nursemaid, A, Baucis
    Caleigh Vergeer ’21: Aphrodite, Hunger, Woman By The Water & Narrator
    Felicia Paul ’22: Iris, Oread, Q
    Eli Faber ’22: Sleep, Narcissus, Sailor, Singer
    Sophie Warshauer ’19: Lucina, Eurydice, Myrrha, Laundress
    Alex Carnot ’19: Hermes, Vertumnus, Poseidon Henchman
    Maddie Brown ’19: Tree Spirit, Therapist, Scientist, Laundress & Narrator
    Leila Jackson ’22: Erysichthon’s Mother, Psyche, Sailor, Singer
    Revati Mahurkar ’19: Laundress & Narrator
    Mateo Brown ’21: Sailor, Tree
    Aidan Kohn Murphy ’22: Sailor & Narrator
    Elliot Oppenheim ’21: Singer, Tree

Administrators, Designers & Crew of

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  • Metamorphoses

    Stage Manager: Nick Moen ‘19
    Producer: Will Foster ‘19
    Box Office Managers: Emmett Freeman '21 & Nicolas Moiseyev '21
    House Manager: Patrick Keeley '19
    Assistant Producer: Dylan Posey ‘21
    Publishers: Josie Schiffer ‘20 & Lara Stroud ‘20
    Advertising Manager: Cole Wright-Schaner ‘19

    Set Designers: John Modelfino ‘19 & Avi Faber ‘19
    Sets Crew Heads: Asta Jorgenson ‘20, Maddie Rapelyea ‘20 & Zoe Ferland ‘20

    Lights Designers: Emma Kay ‘19 & Eamon Abramson ‘19
    Lights Crew Heads: Ben Adomaitis ‘21 & Harrison Lundy ‘21

    Costume Designer: Caroline Catzive ‘19
    Costume Crew Head: Abby Brickman ‘20

    Makeup Designer: Ck Zaki ’20 & Sophie Warshauer ‘19
    Makeup Crew Head: Gari Puckrein ‘20

    Props Designers: Corina Capuano ‘19 & Will Fitzgerald ‘20
    Props Crew Head: Celia Johnson ‘21

    Sound & Fx Designer: Isabel Adler ‘19
    Sound & Fx Crew Heads: Noah Braun ‘20 & Noah Abramson ‘21

    Poster: John Modelfino '19 & Will Fitzgerald '18

Past Seasons

  • 2016_HS_Fall_Show_PeterStarcatcher00018

    Fall 2016: Peter and the Starcatcher

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  • Marat Sade, in performance. Photo by Jordan Rosner.

    Fall 2014: Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

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  • Salieri, Brendan Yukins '10, with Amadeus, Ethan Slater '10

    Fall 2009: Amadeus

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