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The 75 Minute Hamlet

2020 Fall Show Flyer

Though Shakespeare's longest play, we proudly present the GDS 75th anniversary virtual edition of Hamlet, just 75 minutes of your favorite lines and speeches—and all in costume and makeup with virtual sets and a studio with lights in each actor's home.

Director: Laura Rosberg
Tech. Director: Christal Boyd
Makeup Artist: Anike Oliver
Vocal Music Composer: Topher Dunne

The 75 Minute Hamlet premiered on Friday, January 15, 2021. At the premiere, the show was introduced by the directors and the audience had the chance to meet the designer, technicians, and actors.

Appropriate for all ages.

Read the Program: PDF  |  Issuu


Hamlet, The Prince: Caleigh Vergeer ‘21
Horatio, Hamlet’s Friend: Noah Freedman ‘22
Claudius, The King: Elias Rodriguez ‘22
Gertrude, The Queen: Jacqueline Metgzer-Taylor ‘23
Polonius: Bryce Savoy ‘21
Laertes, Polonius’ Son: Aidan Kohn-Murphy ‘22
Ophelia, Polonius’ Daughter: Felicia Paul ‘22
Rosencrantz: Elliot Oppenheim ‘21
Guildenstern: Ava Blum ‘23
The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father: Wesley Brubaker ‘23
The Gravedigger: Julian Galkin ‘22
The Gravedigger’s Assistant: Stella Tongour ‘22
Bernardo, a Watchman: Joshua Reynolds ‘24
Marcellus, a Watchman: Posy Brown ‘24
The Player King: Sotiria Jackson ‘24
The Player Queen: Olivia Brown ‘24
Lucianus, a Player: Margaret Blomstrom ‘24
The Queen’s Lady: Leila Jackson ‘22
The Priest: Elliot Oppenheim ‘21
Osric: Stella Tongour ‘22
The Messenger: Olivia Brown ‘24

Everyone’s Understudy: Leila Jackson ‘22

Administrators, Designers & Heads

Stage Manager: Edith Carey ‘23
Set Designers: Nicolas Moiseyev ‘21, Emmett Freeman ‘21
Sets Crew Heads: Maya Landweber ‘22, Carmen Gitchell ‘22, Harrison West ‘22
Lighting Designers: Ben Adomaitis ‘21, Harrison Lundy ‘21
Sound Designers: Noah Abramson ‘21, Aden Sheingold ‘22
Props Master: Celia Johnson ‘21
Costume Designers: Eve Kolker ‘22, Miriam Akhmetshin ‘22
Costume Crew Head: Signe Schowitz ‘22

Program by Elliot Oppenheim ‘21
Poster by Ava Blum ‘23
Acting for the Zoom Camera Workshop by Ava Blum ‘23