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Twelfth Night, the Musical

A new American musical created for Public Works, a “radically inclusive initiative” of the Public Theater in NYC that believes “culture belongs to everyone.” Kwei-Armah (British/Ghanaian artistic director, Young Vic, London) and Taub (American singer, composer, musician—credits include Ragtime, Hadestown, Great Comet, and Twelfth Night, the Musical) conceived this 100-minute musical version of Shakespeare’s comedy with musical styles ranging from New Orleans Jazz to Motown Soul to Broadway showtunes to 80s Pop to create as inclusive a world as possible. Rights to the show became available in June, and GDS will debut it outside NYC. First cast recording became available September 19. Our Illyria is N. Orleans, Boubon St., the 1950s. The war is over, people are traveling, partying, and falling in love. Nevertheless, the sea still washes up adventurers and strangers. Mistaken identities abound; pranksters make merry; boundaries melt away. Kwei-Armah and Taub have “extended the original play’s consideration of the ambiguities of identity to address an age in which divisions between sexes and classes paradoxically feel both more porous and unbridgeable than ever.” The show includes live instrumentalists, singers and dancers. Appropriate for children of all ages!

Director: Laura Rosberg
Technical Director:  Christal Boyd
Music Director:  Brad Linde
Choreographer:  Maria Watson
Vocal Coach:  Reenie Codelka

Additional Vocal Coach & Viewpoints Artist:  Jordan Friend '10
On Shakespeare, Death & Androgyny:  John Burghardt


Viola: Caleigh Vergeer ‘21
Olivia: Gigi Silla ‘20
Orsino: Aidan Kohn-Murphy ‘22
Feste: Jacqueline Metzger ‘23
Malvolio: Julian Galkin ‘22
Toby: Mihir Kesavan ‘20
Maria: Stella Tongour ‘22
Andrew: Noah Freedman ‘22
Antonio: Bryce Savoy ‘21
Sebastian: Eli Faber ‘22
Fabian: Mateo Brown ‘21
Officers: Elias Rodriguez ’22, Glace Qiao ‘20 & Leila Jackson '22
Officiant: Elliot Oppenheim ‘21
Horns Player: Max Grosman ‘22

Thomas Perry ‘22
Elana Spector ‘22
Wesley Brubaker ‘23
Felicia Paul ‘22
Celia Montes-Sharp ‘20
Max Grosman ‘22
Elliot Oppenheim ‘21
Eli Faber ‘22
Bryce Savoy ‘21

Administrators, Designers & Crew

Stage Manager:  Gari Puckrein ‘20 
Stage Manager Mentor:  Will Fitzgerald ‘20
Assistant Stage Manager:  Meyer Leff ‘22
Producers:  Dylan Posey ’21 & Maddie Carroll ‘22
House Manager: Katie Young '23
Box Office Managers:  Emmett Freeman ’21 & Maggie Hacker ‘21
Publisher: Elliot Oppenheim ‘21
Ad Manager: Aidan Kohn-Murphy ‘22
Poster: Fiore Petricone ‘22
Set Designers: Asta Jorgenson ‘20, Maddie Rapelyea ’20 & Zoe Ferland ‘20
Sets Crew Heads: Nick Moiseyev ‘21 & Emmett Freeman ‘21
Costume Designer: Abby Brickman ‘20
Costume Crew Head: Eve Kolker ‘22
Lights & Fx Designers/Heads: Gil Avni-Heller ’20, Ben Adomaitis ’21 & Harrison Lundy ‘21
Sound & Fx Designers: Noah Abramson ’21 & Noah Braun ‘20
Sound Crew Head: Aden Sheingold ‘22
Props Master: Will Fitzgerald ‘20
Props Crew Head: Celia Johnson ‘21
Makeup Designer: Gari Puckrein ‘20
Makeup Crew Head: Carly Paschall ‘22


Brad Linde: Conductor
Topher Dunne: Manager and Bass
Sven Abow: Drums
Reenie Codelka: Piano
Zak Sandler '04: Piano
Collin Waite '20: Piano
Chirs Buckley: Trombone
Bags Davis: Trumpet
Jacob Getlan '22: Guitar
Jake Markarian '22: Soprano Saxophone
Nolan Sheridan '21: Tenor Saxophone
Harrison West '22: Trumpet