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Our Program

Designed to develop the student’s ability to approach creative experiences with self-confidence, the visual arts program in the Lower/Middle School introduces students to a broad assortment of media and techniques. Concepts are presented to make students more sensitive to the aesthetic qualities of their environment and to provide a rich source of experience upon which they can draw. Teachers work hard to maintain a balance between providing formal instruction and giving students opportunities for free, creative expression. A consistent approach to working in the studio, including the proper use of materials and instruction in specific techniques, ensures that all students gain a common frame of reference. All students work with paints, a wide range of drawing materials, found objects, clay, papier-mâché, and printmaking materials.

Signature Projects

2nd grade Self-portraits
During this project, students spend several weeks learning the skills of drawing large-scale self-portraits. Additionally, they study artists known for this style, such as Chuck Close and Frida Kahlo.
4th Grade Rousseau Jungles
A Henri Rousseau-inspired project, student artists draw scenes showing depth on a 2D surface using foreground, middle ground, and background, textures, and observational drawing from reference images.
6th Grade Printmaking Self Portraits
Students learn printmaking by transforming photos into linoleum carvings. The study of balance, texture, repetition, and color layering result in final prints à la Andy Warhol.
6th Grade One Point Perspective
Sixth graders advance their drawing skills with exercises in the rules of perspective drawing. Students then apply the principles by creating one-point perspective rooms using digital drawing software.
7th & 8th Grades Clay heads
In this challenging project, students learn specific techniques for creating a 3D face, including forming the basic shape of a human bust and nuanced facial features.
8th Grade Social Justice Projects
This project is designed to recognize the artist’s role vis-à-vis current events and social justice as expressing opinions and views through art is not only powerful but imperative.

Meet the Team

John Headley

Lower/Middle School Arts Teacher, Athletics Coach

Jenn Heffernan

Lower/Middle School Visual Arts Teacher

Ashley Ortiz

Lower/Middle School Visual Arts Teacher