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Our annual art shows exhibit pieces produced by our High School student artists—original paintings, drawings, photography, graphic design, ceramics, sculpture, and film, and video.

2020–21 Identity & Social Justice Art Show

Two students in front of a black background
Opens March 1, 2021
Thank you for joining us for our first virtual Identity and Social Justice Show. The global pandemic has caused the art department to pause and reevaluate what this exhibition is about. Because of the challenges of 2020, we very intentionally added the words ‘social justice’ to the theme of our usual Identity Show to allow students to process not only their identities but the social injustices, hostile political climate, and systemic racism that they are experiencing first hand, living in Washington, DC.  In addition to communicating the effects of the pandemic on their lives, students are exploring the eight social identifiers—race, gender, ethnicity, ability, age, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. 

While many things have been taken away due to the pandemic, we have seen a major increase and a dramatic turn to the arts. We have seen how art “nurtures the spirit and calms the mind.”  Students have learned to use this experience to express their deepest thoughts through their art.  It has underscored the fact that creative expression is healing and cathartic. Art has brought our students closer together and has created unexpected connections through their shared experiences. Art has not only helped students process their feelings but it has amplified the importance of their voice. Art has inspired them to think about its power for social impact and change.  
For the health and safety of our community, this show is being presented online in four different virtual exhibitions.
Watch Now: Identity Art Show Opening Message

Studio art department chair Michelle Cobb welcomes visitors to the art show and gives context to this year's powerful virtual show.

⬇️ Scroll down for the official opening video.

Meet the Team

"Michelle" Cobb

High School Studio Arts Department Chair

"Adrian" Loving

High School Studio Arts Teacher

"Tuan" Nguyen

High School Technology Specialist; High School Studio Arts Teacher

"Nick" Ryan

High School Studio Arts Teacher

"Laura" Tolliver

High School Studio Arts Teacher