Rosenfeld Master Dance Workshops

Master Dance Classes at GDS are made possible by the Samuel J. Rosenfeld Family Master Dance Series Grant. Each year, the workshops are free for current GDS High School students and current GDS faculty and staff.

This Spring's Rosenfeld Master Dance Workshop features Huu Rock

Saturday, March 4, 2023
Open Level House Dance Class
11:00 AM –1:00 PM

Location: High School Dance Studio

Guest Artist Biography

Huu Rock

Huu Rock Biography

Huu Rock is a dancer, instructor, choreographer, DJ and the Co-Founder of MELLOW ANIMALS, a dancer crew comprising multiple styles of street dance.

Huu Rock started his journey in dance in his hometown of Kochi, Japan, B-boying as a member of the legendary Spin Crew.

Arriving in New York City, Huu Rock was introduced to a wide array of dance styles, music, and the culture that surrounds these art forms, falling in love with all that dance in NYC has to offer.

Around this time he was introduced to his mentor Ejoe Wilson, and later joined his company Beyond Phenomenon. Huu Rock further developed his style by studying the moves of other pioneers such as Tone McGregor, Sekou Heru, Marjory Smarth, Buddha Stretch, Kim Holmes, Brian Green, Jazzy J, Mike Ufouria, Caleaf, Shan S, and many others by way of parties and other social dance events. 

In 2013, Huu Rock started Hiphop Wednesdays and in 2016, House Mondays, both open format dance sessions open to dancers of all levels. 

MELLOW ANIMALS was started in 2014 with fellow dancer, Riceball. Together they founded Battle 101, a dance battle open to all styles of movement. 

Huu Rock who got his start on the streets, battling, and in the clubs, has expanded his work to include teaching, appearances on TV and in music videos, and on the stage. Through his work Huu Rock hopes that he can inspire you in the way that his mentors did for him to find your own artistic light.

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Classes are open to GDS High School students and GDS faculty/staff ONLY.