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Our students are confident in their own voice, courageous in their pursuit of excellence, and committed to leaving the world better than they found it. Our teachers are passionate and talented, focused on uncovering and unlocking the unique gifts of their students. Through these dynamic relationships, students are able to think, to write, and to speak with purpose and fearlessness. 

Our graduates enter the world ready to be leaders in the wide range of endeavors they pursue, whether as world-class professors, notable lawmakers, renowned journalists, humanitarian activists, award-winning filmmakers, decorated veterans, or ground-breaking entrepreneurs.

A GDS Student Will...

These skills, as we have defined them, will foster in our students both the will and capacity to change the world in ways that each generation is called to do.

GDS's Digital Viewbook

GDS's Digital Viewbook
Map of where GDS students have matriculated

Matriculation Map

When GDS students begin the college search process, many are undecided about their future—both in terms of what they want in a college experience as well as what they want to study. It is a testament to our students’ sense of adventure and their open minds that their college choices reflect the diversity of their class in every sense of the word. View the Map »