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Welcome to Georgetown Day School

At GDS, you will find a warm, diverse, and inclusive environment that instills a love of learning in every student who comes through our doors. Our students are joyful, confident, and engaged, not only in school, but also in the world around them.

During your family’s admissions process, we look forward to getting to know you personally, supporting you as you explore the rich tapestry of academics, extracurriculars, and social activities that GDS has to offer. This year, to comply with COVID-19 safe practices, we will be offering a variety of ways to connect with us online through virtual information sessions, video tours, personal Zoom meetings with our admissions officers, and opportunities to connect with our students, parents, and teachers virtually. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are excited to meet you soon!


This is not just another school admissions video. And Georgetown Day School is not just another school. We invite you to discover the place where students love to learn and learn to change the world.

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GDS's Digital Viewbook

Our students are confident in their own voice, courageous in their pursuit of excellence, and committed to leaving the world better than they found it. Our teachers are passionate and talented, focused on uncovering and unlocking the unique gifts of their students. Through these dynamic relationships, students are able to think, to write, and to speak with purpose and fearlessness. 

Our graduates enter the world ready to be leaders in the wide range of endeavors they pursue, whether as world-class professors, notable lawmakers, renowned journalists, humanitarian activists, award-winning filmmakers, decorated veterans, or ground-breaking entrepreneurs.

GDS's Digital Viewbook
Map of where GDS students have matriculated

Matriculation Map

Where do our students go after GDS? When our students begin their college search process, many are curious about exploring their potential futures—both in terms of what they want in a college experience as well as what they want to study. It is a testament to our students’ sense of adventure and their open minds that their college choices reflect the diversity of their class in every sense of the word. View the Map »

Meet the Admissions Team

"Amanda" Deringer

Director of High School Admissions

"Ronnie" Jackson

Associate Director of Middle School Admissions

"Chris" Levy

Director of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid

"Michelle" McKeever

Admissions and Marketing Specialist

"Githa" Natarajan

Associate Director of Lower School Admissions

"Elana" Perl

Admissions Engagement Director

"Elaine" Scott

Senior Director of High School Admissions