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Our Philosophy

The School strives to provide the best learning experience for each student while maintaining the academic standards of the institution. The School provides support to students with identified learning differences on the basis of their individual needs, both within and outside their classrooms. Across divisions, the School makes referrals to outside professionals for psycho-educational evaluations, provides profiles regarding the learning needs of students with evaluations for staff, coordinates recommended support services and necessary accommodations, and consults with teachers and students on a regular basis.

Through communication with administrators, teachers, parents, and the consulting professionals, our Learning Specialists, teachers, and counselors help to screen and monitor students for whom there are concerns and for those students who need support. We assess Lower School students for academic readiness at the beginning of the academic year and continue to assess individual students, as needed, to provide ongoing information to inform our instruction and support services. GDS’s ability to accommodate certain learning differences is limited. Results of screenings, teacher referrals, and administrative recommendations determine which students may work with a Learning Resource teacher, through small group sessions. When necessary, we suggest other strategies or recommend further evaluation.

In addition to providing support for students and teachers, the Learning Resources team, along with divisional principals, supports families by:

  • Coordinating communication between students, faculty, and outside support services;
  • Recommending and overseeing tutorial work within the School; and
  • Making referrals for psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluations.


By the Numbers


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Meet the Team

Kim Palombo

Chair of Learning Support Services

Meredith Chase-Mitchell

High School Learning Specialist

Jenna Clifton

Lower School Learning Specialist

Lynn Gudhus

Lower School Learning Specialist

Krystal Jones

Middle School Learning Specialist

Cristina Watson

Middle School Learning Specialist

Jasmine Watson

High School Learning Specialist