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The Lower School learning specialists concentrate on emerging learning issues for students in PK–5th grade. Learning specialists work with students, parents, and classroom teachers to best support their individual learning styles. The learning specialists help support differentiated instruction in the classroom. To better serve the needs of a student demonstrating continual difficulties, educational testing may be recommended. Learning specialists collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and tutors to provide a supportive educational environment.

MS Learning Resources

In the Middle School, all students have access to teacher support both in and out of the classroom. When a student needs support beyond what is provided by the teacher, a referral may be made to outside professionals for individualized academic tutoring and/or for psycho-educational evaluations. These diagnostic reports are used to support students as well as teachers in their efforts to work with a variety of learning styles. At times, these students may require certain school accommodations as recommended by the diagnostician. These accommodations may include a variety of supports, including extended time for class tests and quizzes as well as the ERBs. GDS arranges for these accommodations based on the information received from the diagnostician.

HS Learning Resources

At the High School, students seeking accommodations for standardized testing (e.g., PSAT, SAT, AP, ACT) must have documentation that meets specific criteria in order to receive accommodations. Due to the variability of psycho-educational, neuropsychological, GDS suggests that you follow the guidelines set forth by College Board ( and ACT ( as well as review How to Apply for Testing Accommodations on the College Counseling page (login required).
For both College Board and ACT, there is an expectation that the student use the accommodation(s) in school for at least four months, prior to applying for testing accommodations. It is possible that a student may be approved by College Board and not by ACT, or vice versa. Please note that according to the testing organizations, these tests are designed with the expectation that the general population of students may not complete the tests within the standard time limits.
It is possible that a student may not be approved by the testing agencies for the following reasons: when the documentation does not include a detailed educational history showing evidence of ongoing academic problems; when it does not support the ADA definition of a learning disability (functional limitation); and when the evaluation is not current or within five years of the standardized testing date. In addition, a rationale for each recommended accommodation, including recommendations for extended time in specific academic areas, is required.

Learning Resources Team

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  • Photo of Kimberly Palombo

    Kimberly Palombo 

    Department Chair of Learning Services
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    Lynn Klaiman 

    Lower School Learning Specialist, PK–2nd Grade
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    Cristina Watson 

    Middle School Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Regina Saifee

    Regina Saifee 

    High School Learning Specialist


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