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GDS Health Services

GDS Health Services

Health Records
Under the Student Health Care Act of 1985, the District of Columbia requires that all enrolled students have certain forms on file. Moreover, we want to ensure the provision of the highest quality of health care for all of our students.

Physicals are valid for 365 days in the District of Columbia. Students with expired physicals will not be permitted to participate in PE, Athletics, extracurricular activities or attend off campus field trips. A two-week grace period is granted after the date of expiration before students are held from the above activities. 

GDS has partnered with Magnus Online Student Health Records to maintain our health records. All health records should be uploaded directly to the Magnus site, available on the MyGDS Parent Resource Board

If you have concerns about your GDS student, please contact LMS nurse Elizabeth McDermott or HS nurse Constance Crowley or HS athletic trainer Veronica Ampey.
First Aid
First aid for injuries incurred on the way to school or in school is provided in the LMS and HS Health Rooms. In the event of an emergency, city emergency assistance will be summoned and a parent or designated person will be notified immediately.

It is essential that parents complete the parent information on the Magnus online portal prior to the start of the school year. This portal provides valuable information for our health-care team to use in caring for your child and in the event of an emergency, allows them to render treatment and/or seek outside treatment for your child.

It is the responsibility of every person in the school community (including parents, legal guardians, faculty, staff, and students) to report immediately to the School any health condition that may call for separation or isolation or other special measures to protect the health of other persons. Contagious conditions, including strep, flu, chicken pox, impetigo, pertussis, ringworm etc., should be reported to the nurse of the appropriate division of the School. 

Please report any contagious condition immediately upon diagnosis. Children with a contagious illness may be excluded from school at the determination of the nurse in accordance with Department of Health policy.

GDS seeks to provide a safe return to activity for all students after any injury, especially after a head injury that results in a concussion. Guidelines have been developed to aid in insuring that concussed students are identified, treated, and referred accordingly; receive appropriate care during the school day (including academic accommodations as needed); and are appropriately recovered prior to returning to full activity.

It is GDS policy that if a student exhibits any sign of concussion or reports any symptom, he or she may be removed from participation in physical activities (e.g., athletics, PE, recess, field trips, after care, etc.).

Parents are notified as soon as a head injury is suspected. Parents are expected to obtain proper medical evaluation and clearance by a licensed health care professional with training in concussion evaluation and management. Clearance to return to full participation is a medical decision. The student must be completely symptom-free at rest and during physical and mental exertion, with neurocognitive functioning that has returned to a normal baseline. GDS will not allow the student to participate fully while experiencing any lingering or persisting symptoms of a concussion, no matter how slight.

GDS is committed to safe practices and subscribes to the ImPACT Testing Program. This program is available to students in grades 7–12.

Student Accident Insurance
The School automatically provides secondary accident insurance coverage through Independent School Management (ISM) for all enrolled students. It covers accident injuries sustained while engaged in school-sponsored activities only. This policy will only supplement the primary coverage parents maintain by covering the deductible, after an initial $100, and limited out-of-pocket expenses. Parents should be aware that to be reimbursed they must file a report within thirty days of an injury with the insurance company. Specific requirements of the plan should be noted by reading the brochure sent to families each summer.

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