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Middle School is all about discovery and trying things on–from clothes and identities to attitudes and worldviews.

At the GDS Middle School, we cultivate a safe, inclusive environment where students are supported in taking positive risks during this critical intellectual and social phase of development. Our coursework and extracurricular activities encourage students to be curious, engaged, and productive. Students are challenged to develop their intellectual power and natural gifts as they connect what they learn in the classroom with their experience in the wider world.

By the Numbers


Students in Middle School, grade 5-8


Student to Teacher Ratio


MS students are issued their own Chromebooks


participation in 28 different team sports


hours spent on community service projects during Middle School

Signature Programs

Performing Arts
One quarter of the student body participates in the musical, as it offers opportunities for connection across grades, leadership, and engagement across various interests, including theater tech, performing arts, studio arts (props, sets, and costumes), and musical theater.
As part of their study of constitutional issues in history, 8th Graders participate in Hill Day, an annual visit to Capitol Hill and local think tanks to meet with lawmakers and lobbyists to discuss policy, and understand both sides of an issue.
Students engage in real-world, hands-on learning through projects such as our annual STEAM Day, which brings together members of our community for a day devoted to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.
Social Justice
Every February, our students participate in—and often lead—activities to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. during our MLK Social Justice Teach-in Days.
Sixth graders present their Family Box Project every May, showcasing curated family stories represented through priceless artifacts including recipes, letters, photos, clothing, and awards and then tucked in unique boxes.
Student Voices
Student voice is treasured at the Middle School. From spring student-led parent-teacher conferences to the dozens of student-generated clubs, opportunities exist across the year.
innovation & technology

The innovation and technology signature programs are 5th grade 3D printing, 6th grade robotics, 7th grade terra-mapping, and 8th grade wind turbines, where students use advanced computer science skills to solve real-world, tangible problems.

Power Project
After a year-long study of revolutions, 7th graders demonstrate their knowledge in The Power Project, presented through art, dramatic performances, and written projects.
Two students pose in front of a poster about online scams.

In 5th grade, students’ interest in social change is coupled with the entrepreneurial skills to make their visions successful.

Academic Highlights

  • All students take a language with a choice of Spanish, French, Latin, or Mandarin.
  • The arts play a big part of a GDS Middle School education, from the opportunity to deeply pursue our nationally recognized band, chorus, or dance course of study to opportunities to perform in the Fall Musical or the spring student-produced and -written Community Production, all Middle School students have a chance to explore their artistic passions.
  • All 7th and 8th Graders participate in interscholastic athletics as part of their academic day.
  • Service-learning is built into the Middle School curriculum.
  • All Middle School students take multi-day grade-level overnight trips that build community, cultivate confidence, and extend learning beyond the school walls.
  • Each student benefits from a small group advisory, where they develop connections with students and their advisor. The advisor serves as the point person for the student and family for all matters.

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Middle School Band Performances

Students in Middle School band worked diligently this semester in their virtual lessons and their in-person, small group rehearsals

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