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Summer 2021

Welcome to GDS's suggested summer reading lists! Our lists are always written with an eye to be windows and mirrors to diverse experiences. You can find more suggestions by checking out Welcoming Schools, #WeNeedDiverseBooks, and other booklists from GDS: previous summers and DEI resources. You can also find books at your local public library, both online and in person. The DC Public Library does their own summer challenge, and we’ve provided links to many of our reading list titles to the e-books that you can borrow from DCPL’s Overdrive shelf.

At GDS, we believe that books can help you change the world by broadening your awareness of characters, situations, and information beyond your current experiences.* Encountering challenging ideas and content in books is part of learning and growing. Depending upon who you are, amongst these books you might encounter uncomfortable, emotionally difficult, or even painful content, ideas, or language. Remember, though, that you should never have to grapple with difficult content alone; reading may be a solitary activity, but books can—and should—be shared!

So dive on in, and happy reading!

* For more about the GDS Library Summer Reading philosophy, see The Hopper Effect.

Did You Know?

GDS students can borrow e-books from the DC Public Library Overdrive shelves, even if they live outside the District. Apply for a card now.

Summer Reading Challenge

Submit a photo of yourself reading a book via email or Dropbox. We love to see photos of pre-K to 12th graders reading during the summer! We will use all the photos for a joyful collage of reading at the beginning of the school year.