GDS library students think critically about all forms of information.
They use information effectively, ethically, and responsibly. Students explore identity as reflected—and not reflected—in the variety of literature and media they encounter. Students take risks and self-advocate through the process of freely choosing their reading. They understand the importance of libraries as community spaces that equalize opportunities for individualized learning.

Lower/Middle School librarians help pre-K through 8th grade students discover a love for reading and become efficient, capable handlers of information. The library is open throughout the school day for class visits and independent study. Pre-K through 6th grade classes visit the library on a weekly schedule to learn information skills. Seventh and 8th grade classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis. All students receive instruction in the efficient retrieval and use of information in connection with classroom assignments. The library collection offers a wide selection of children's literature and non-fiction for ages four to fourteen as well as digital reference material, parent-teacher material, and audiobooks.

The High School library, sometimes called the Learning Commons, serves as a central gathering, working, and studying space for the High School community. The collection, consisting of both print materials and extensive research databases, supports the great depth of research done through the curriculum and provides widely diverse reading for self-fulfillment and enjoyment. The librarian supports students in learning information and research skills via collaborative projects, direct teaching, and by providing one-on-one research support for all members of the community.

In support of GDS's mission, the librarians encourage students to build networks and collaborate across differences through their reading choices, with a goal of becoming lifelong readers and learners. The librarians believe in the power of books to provide windows and mirrors into the human experience.

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Summer Reading

Summer is a great time for students to relax and engage in all activities they enjoy. GDS is a community of readers! Every year, GDS librarians curate a list of summer reading suggestions that reflect the GDS library belief that books provide windows and mirrors into the human experience.

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High School Librarian

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Lower/Middle School Librarian & Department Chair

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