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On the cusp of adulthood, our high schoolers hone their gifts, commit themselves to inquiry and reflection, and prepare for a life of purpose.

That’s why we cultivate an environment of active engagement and purposeful exploration, so our students are prepared to thrive in the classroom, in college, and beyond. Students can shape their program and explore multiple opportunities for academic challenge in a curriculum that features advanced courses in nearly all disciplines. Combine that with our dynamic social landscape offering more than 90 student-run clubs and activities—it's no wonder GDS kids are multi-dimensional achievers and community members, self-starters and collaborators, athletes and artists, destined to excel as individuals and as agents of change.

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Signature Programs

Minimester is a multi-day dive into topics designed to be immersive, experiential learning experiences without the confines of traditional schooling. Learn More »
The student-directed Summit on Sexual Assault and Consent brings together students, teachers, and parents from around the country for conversations about change and support for survivors. Learn More »

Our STEAM Conference brings students and faculty from regional schools together to discuss and participate in STEAM education, focusing on promoting engagement of underrepresented groups. Learn More »

Social Justice
Every February, our students participate in—and often lead—activities to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. during our MLK Social Justice Teach-in Days. Learn More »
Student Identity & Voice

During the annual High School Identity Art Show, student artwork tells powerful, personal narratives. Learn More »

Health & Wellness

Health Fair is a combination event that features fitness competitions and showcases health and wellness research projects from the 10th grade Physical Education program.

Venture Lab Student Leaders 2024
Venture Lab

The Hopper Tank (Patty Abramson Social Venture Lab) aims to nurture future generations of GDS social entrepreneurs. Learn More »


For four weeks during June and July, students learn about pressing social justice issues, such as veteran homelessness and affordable housing. Learn More »

Student-led Clubs & Activities

  • Nationally renowned Debate Team
  • The Augur Bit: Award-winning student-run newspaper
  • Fata Morgana: Student choreographed and performed dance troop
  • The Hop Shop: Student-created school store, which supports a different nonprofit monthly


  • GDS completed a three-year phasing out of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Faculty developed new curriculum in collaboration with the GDS Curriculum Review Committee to establish standards for Upper Level (UL) courses. UL courses represent the most challenging level of coursework offered at GDS, where students examine the material at the highest levels with sustained intellectual independence.

  • The Ninth Grade Seminar - Diversity and Equity: The Intersections of Identity focuses on identity and points of connections within groups. 
  • All seniors participate in a Senior Quest, or investigation, in which they apply their curiosity, talents, interests, skills, and knowledge to a question, task, creation, or issue of relevance to the student in particular as well as to a significant constituency outside of the GDS community. 
  • Each student benefits from a small group advisory, where they develop connections with students and their advisor. The advisor serves as the primary point of contact for the student and family on all matters.
  • The High School Innovation & Computer Science program offers electives catering to a wide range of abilities and experiences. These engaging, hands-on, challenge-based programs are designed to be meaningful, relevant, and truly fun. In GDS’s Maker Spaces and Innovation laboratories, students self-direct, using both contemporary and traditional fabrication tools with the guidance of a High School Maker in Residence and computer science teachers. 
  • Our three full-time college counselors work with each GDS student to support them throughout the college process.

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Meet the High School Office

Yom Fox

High School Principal

Khalid Bashir

Assistant Principal for Academics, High School English Teacher, Athletics Coach

Quinn Killy

Assistant Principal for School Life, High School Science Teacher, Athletics Coach

Julie Stein

Class of 1999
High School History Teacher, 9th Grade Dean

Darius Pardner

Associate Director of College Counseling, 10th Grade Dean, Athletics Coach

Greg Wong

Associate Director of College Counseling, 11th Grade Dean

Marjorie Hale

High School History Teacher, 12th Grade Dean

Mackenzie Bisaccia

High School Office Manager

David Sarpal

High School Office Manager